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Warning to anyone who has had their account hacked.

TheElderScrolls5 - Warning to anyone who has had their account hacked.

So a little bit of a story here.

I have had my account since closed beta. I ended up buying the game on Steam at launch and then didn't touch it for years. I came back to the game around the time that Morrowind launched, bought 12 months of sub time and a few crown bundles from the Steam store via PayPal (there was a sale going on), and then ended up taking a break from the game for around 6 or so months.

I came back after that break and found my Steam account had been hacked, so I contacted Steam support and we worked it out. I then realized my ESO account could be tampered with so I got on the site and saw that it had infact been tampered with. I contacted support and I actually worked the issue out with them.

At this point I'm excited to get back in the game and so I start playing it every few days. About two months ago I decided to take another break from the game and now here I am trying to come back to the game since Summerset is cheaper now, but I can't because I'm permabanned.

I contacted support and they told me that someone else says they own the account and have some transaction IDs to prove it. Now to add to this, the hacker had purchased items on my Steam account and on my ESO account as well. I informed the customer support of this in my ticket to find out why my account had been suspended. Now I'm waiting on another reply from them because I don't understand how someone can just have your account then claim ownership potentially, and in my case definitely, getting you banned.

Clearly MMO companies need to add more ways to see if you are who you say you are. Steam has a very good way of doing it (send pictures of your ID and today's date) and so does BDO. I know it was my fault I got hacked, but still companies should have more measures in place.

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If you have ever been hacked just watch out and be prepared if the hacker decides to try and get the account back. All those hours grinding and money spent could be gone.

Tldr; Account was hacked months ago, I recovered it, hacker claims in a ticket they are the owner (even though my name has been on the account since closed beta and I have my liencese to prove it) now I'm sol because of a permaban.

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