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Weekly Content Creator Profile with Billybob!

TheElderScrolls10 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Billybob!

So, I'll admit to being a bit of an anglophile. In particular, I love the wry humour, but I also love the accent, and I could listen to
Billybob2302 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Billybob!

u/Billybob2302 talk all day long. It's a great stream to chill in both for your arena fix and competitive play. Billybob is also active with charities and giveaways so come join the herd!

I always appreciate it when people can have a laugh at themselves:

You can find Billybob at:



-Where are you from?

Good old rainy England.

-What games do you generally play?

I'm actually mostly a tabletop gamer, I love board games and roleplaying games like D&D and burning wheel specifically.

-What other card games do you play besides TESL?

I'm dabbling in Mythgard right now and don't play much else. Used to be a huge Yugioh fan though.

-What is your favorite card in TESL?

I love, loveeeee guildsworn revitalizer. Big body for a 2 cost and a nice small heal tick. But mainly she just looks so darn happy to be there and I'm all about positivity; it's really important in the gaming community.

-What is your favorite deck/playstyle in TESL?

Token and aggro. I don't have the patience for slower decks and often find that the timer cuts me off before I can use them properly. There's something awesome about having all your little recruits and creatures becoming buffed after a turn or two. Just love watching them grow up big and strong. Proud dad when the deck plays out well.

-What inspires you to stream?


I suffer quite badly from Fibromyalgia, and so it's really difficult for me to get out and meet people much. Streaming allows me to connect with all sorts of people from all types of backgrounds and just gives me something like the social life I used to have when I was able.

-What is your preferred content platform? When do you normally stream or how often do you normally upload?

I like twitch but I've been trying out youtube and twitter more and more recently.

I usually stream at mid day BST/ 7am EST, and go on for about 5 hours if my body allows. I try and upload onto youtube at least once a week!

-What content do you normally talk about?

I usually talk a lot about arena in TESL specifically.

I spread awareness about my disability and am proud to have the lgbtqia+ tag on my channel and so talk about social issues and helping and accepting one another.

In general I like to try and play the game for fun more than anything and enjoy the lore, art and feel of a game more than just playing to win, that's very important to me. I think that positivity allows me to regularly get top 200 over any strategy, cause it can be so easy to get disheartened and give up, but I find it all to fun and enjoyable to do that.

-Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

I've been streaming for just over 6 months now and already this game and community has given me so much more than I could have ever imagined. I feel so lucky to have found you guys and my community, the bobarians, are just about to hit 500 followers on my twitch channel. This is amazing to me, I thought with my disability I'd never have any friends again!

So, if you're ever feeling down, or lonely, or want a good group of friends, a laugh, or some fun, come give us a visit!

As long as you'll all have me I'm happy to be the one you come to for unicorns, poop (the channel currency), card giveaways, bad plays, and good times!

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