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Weekly Content Creator Profile with Choate-Gaming!

TheElderScrolls4 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Choate-Gaming!

Today I'm going to profile a different kind of content creator. Most of you may know
Choate Gaming - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Choate-Gaming!

u/Choate-Gaming, but for those who don't, he runs a website ( where you can go to find TESL articles as well as coaching resources. Personally, I think he's a phenomenal deckbuilder, and I took an Aggro Dominion list of his to a 9-1 finish in the recent Noble Gauntlet. He's started an ambitious ten-part Beginner Series that I highly recommend for new Legends players. You can find Part 1 here:

-Where are you from?

I’m from Boston, Massachusetts. Grew up in the area and haven’t left since!

-What games do you generally play?

In the past, I used to play all sorts. Prior to CCGs, I was big into Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division, and other competitive FPS console games. I dabbled in League of Legends for a little bit, tried out some WoW, and some mobile games I’m embarrassed to name (ok, fine, I did play The Sims Mobile for about a week when it came out).

After I sold my Xbox in 2016 and moved on, I wanted to have something fun and quick to play without the full immersion experience of having to sit in front of a TV with a headset on and a controller in-hand – which is when I came across CCGs.

-What other card games do you play besides TESL?

I used to play Hearthstone, Eternal, and have tried out card battlers like Clash Royale and Underlords. In real life, some extended family recently introduced me to this board game called Wingspan and I have to say I was surprised by the level of depth it hit. It was like a CCG/TCG with lots of building and decision trees but maintained that classic board game feel.

As of right now, the only game I play is TESL. I’ve heard a lot of great stuff from other up-and-coming CCGs, but nothing has really ever held my attention like TESL. I think a large part of it is the style. I only played a little bit of Elder Scrolls growing up, so I don’t know much about the universe itself, but I do know I’ve always been fascinated with anything resembling medieval Europe and its lore—knights, magic, etc.

-What is your favorite card in TESL?

I had to think about this one. I actually changed my answer too. I thought to myself, which card makes a massive difference when it comes down and feels good to play? The answer is Cradlecrush Giant. Not only can this bad boy clear an entire lane but you are putting out a 6/4 as well. It’s often a pivotal swing in the game when it hits right. I should really play more decks with this card in them.


My original answer, by the way, was Shrewd Strategist. It’s like planting a pumpkin here in New England. Sometimes it gets smashed up into nothing by the local kids and that’s the end of that, kind of like when you never see the reward from playing Shrewd. Other times, it’ll turn into a massive delight that you can carve or eat—or in Strategist’s case, a handful of 3/3 or 5/5 Nord Firebrands that you send directly to your opponent’s face for the win.

-What is your favorite deck/playstyle in TESL?

Nothing was quite as thrilling as playing the old Goblin decks – back when Goblin Skulk was a 2/2. I started playing them in early 2018, even made an entire account dedicated to them otherwise known as Goblin_Kingpin. Goblin Scout, with 5/5 Catapults, 2/2 Skulk, and 1/3 Mudcrabs carried me to my first top 10 finish in September 2018. There was something special about filling up a lane with Catapults and Goblins only to Giant Snake it when your opponent was forced to contest.

With that said, Goblins aren’t like they used to be, and I haven’t played a lot of these new ones just yet. I’ve always been a fan of tokens as well, but will play pretty much any deck you throw at me.

-What inspires you to create content?

I really just love the game and seeing that the time and effort that I’ve put into it can be used to help other people. There’s a lot of depth to the game and it can be hard to find that next step.

-How often do you post to your blog?

Usually 1-2 times per week. One might be for the weekly event, and the other might be more in-depth on a specific topic.

-What content do you normally write about?

Right now, the goal is to launch “99 Tips for the Aspiring Competitive Player” by the end of 2019. The original plan was to write about more advanced topics, getting into the finer details as much as possible. At some point, I realized it would be helpful to have a sort of segway into that – which is what this first series is all about. After that’s done, then it’ll be time to start hitting some of those other topics.

-Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

There is so much depth to deck building that I don’t think anyone has truly mastered it yet. If you’re unsure about something or don’t think something seems right, test it. Challenge popular wisdom that certain cards aren’t good enough to be played in certain decks or even at all. Don’t be afraid to just straight up delete all of your decks and start fresh – I have done so more times than I can count.

When you re-build a deck, you take all of your knowledge of previous iterations of it but do so with a fresh look and might see a couple of cards that piece together nicely that you might not have been able to see when the deck was fully built.

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