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Weekly Content Creator Profile with DTBlayde!

TheElderScrolls3 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with DTBlayde!

I am very happy to be bringing you an interview with
DTBlayde - Weekly Content Creator Profile with DTBlayde!

u/DTBlayde, as I have followed his YouTube channel for quite some time now. I've watched him come into his own not only as a content creator but also a TESL player. I appreciate his creative deck-building and his thoughtful commentary regarding cards, the state of the meta, and balance changes. On his channel you can find not only game-play videos, but card reviews, story walkthroughs, and more! Please check him out at
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He also streams sometimes:

-Where are you from?

Despite the South Carolina flag present in the background of all of my videos, I'm actually from New Jersey!

-What games do you generally play?

I play lots of games. Obviously CCGs, but I also play a lot of FPS games (Destiny, Apex Legends etc), Madden, Rocket League, Civilization, and much more. I play a little bit of many different genres.

-What other card games do you play besides TESL?

I've dabbled in some others. My very first one was Hearthstone, but I only ever played for the Tavern Brawls. The only other game that has really grabbed me the way TESL did has been Mythgard, which I've been super into lately.

-What is your favorite card in TESL?

It used to be Falkreath Defilier (rest in peace friend). Now I'd have to say Barilzars Tinkering. Theres just so many different cool plays that get unlocked by using knowledge of the card pool to manipulate your Tinkering transformations.

-What is your favorite deck/playstyle in TESL?


If I had to match a specific archetype it would probably be a more aggressive midrange strategy. However, what I enjoy even more is highlighting wacky combos, lesser used cards, theme decks…..that kind of stuff. I love to showcase things that you typically won't see on the ladder.

-What inspires you to stream?

To be honest it started as a way to feel like I was doing something productive during a period when I was out of work. I wanted to play games as a way to unwind, but felt guilty I was doing it while not having a job. Making content made it at least feel like a job to me. Now I've met so many great people, and have connected with so many people I wouldn't have otherwise met, I just love the feeling of the relationships you build with these people you've never even seen face to face.

-What is your preferred content platform? When do you normally stream or how often do you normally upload?

I personally feel like I am a better streamer than Youtuber. However, my work/life schedule and my mental health just work better with Youtube. I upload twice daily on Youtube (barring unforeseen circumstances) at around 12 pm EST and 11 PM EST. I stream for random periods of a month or two though, and then I get demotivated and quit.

-What content do you normally talk about?

I usually stick to talking about whatever meme deck we're playing on a given day. But I also go off on lots of tangents about my personal life, food, or whatever other weird thoughts pop into my head at a given time. We talk about lots of game design, card design, balance, and other general game topics too.

-Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Not really, I share pretty much everything about myself pretty openly! But if theres anything any of yall wanna know, shoot me a message or stop by on Twitter. I'm always down to chat. Oh yeah, GO JETS!

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