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Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

TheElderScrolls12 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

We're back! We decided to take a break last week while spoilers were in full swing. Today we have
jele77 - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

u/jele77! I must admit, I'm a big fan of her channel aesthetics and artistic sensibilities. Stop by her Twitch channel as Jele learns the new expansion, and join the tournaments that she curates!

Also, she really, really doesn't like Nix Ox:

PlumpPopularWolverineAllenHuhu?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

But, she's a really friendly streamer:

SparklyArborealNewtEleGiggle?filter=clips&range=all&sort=time - Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

You can find Jele's content at:

-Where are you from?

Bielefeld in Germany^^, I'm glad they have recently proven that it exists.

-What games do you generally play?

I mostly play Cardgames, and I spend the majority with playing TesLegends I have more than 6 thousand hours of playtime by now. I also enjoy puzzle games, point and click adventures and I love Stardew Valley, where I recently hit more than 1 k hours as well.

-What other card games do you play besides TESL?

I played Hearthstone in 2014, then switched to TESL in September 2017. Three months ago, I started to play Magic Arena, and it helps me to understand cardgames better and improve as a player.

-What is your favorite card in TESL?

I don't think I have one favourite card. But I think I like cards, that draw like Discerning Thief or even better Grey Viper Bigrand or old Ash Berserker, Gambler or old Namiras shrine. Razum Dar has become my favorite from the last set. Then I also like cards that grow or have a grow effect like Awakened Dreamer. Also impactful cards in general, like Belligerent giant, Hand of Dagoth, Ordinian Necromancer, Galyn, Conscription, and Rage.

In a way, I like all the cards. There was just one problem card, I liked the card as a tempo card, but its combo potential was just too powerful, and it did silly things to the game. Talking about Nix Ox here *reeee


-What is your favorite deck/playstyle in TESL?

I like to play decks, that can flexibly react to my opponent plays and so Mid Battlemage has always been my favourite, though I have to say that I did not like the recent Alfic variant that much.

I also liked the old rage Archer a lot, especially moving between the lanes is an effect I enjoy.

An all-time favourite deck of mine is a control deck created by my teammate Frogger. Its a Sorcerer with Corsaire ship, it tries to exploit Ordinian Necromancers summon effect and can, for example, bring a Supreme Atromancer to the board on turn 6.

-What inspires you to stream?

I am hooked ever since I started to stream for fun, more than three years ago. I streamed over 3 thousand hours, through times with a fulltime job and through times of sickness. I simply love it, and I am more than ever on a journey to become a serious content creator.

What keeps me streaming is to share the experience, to enjoy together. I do not enjoy playing on my own as much, and it just makes me happy to meet all kinds of people from all over the world.

-What is your preferred content platform? When do you normally stream or how often do you normally upload?

I stream on pretty much every day even though my schedule can vary. Right now, I will be streaming starting around 8 pm CET (11 am PST), and I am looking forward to spending more effort on content for YouTube. Right now, I am focused on twitch and getting my life back on track, so YouTube is currently a future project.

-What content do you normally talk about?

I have been playing, hosting, and casting tournaments for TESL (next Jele Island Cup on November 2nd! ). I usually play on the ladder and try to find a deck that works well. Generally, my stream is about learning and having a good time, in cardgames but also life. I also like to talk about mental health, art and the struggles and beauty of life.

-Is there anything else you would like to share with us

I want to thank my teammates ReireiBarker, Thuldir, Emikaela, FierceInfinity and Frogger. I have enjoyed every second with them and learned so much from them. They are just the best.

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