The Elder Scrolls

Weekly Roundup Post – 10/14/2019

TheElderScrolls5 - Weekly Roundup Post - 10/14/2019

Welcome to the Weekly Roundup Post 10/14/2019 where we re-post important/interesting thread from last week.

Game Related

  • Patch Notes: Update 2.14

  • Get ready to climb the Versus Arena ranked ladder!

  • Legends-Decks – JoO Full Set

  • Jaws of Oblivion: Full Set Images

  • Jaws of Oblivion Card Ratings from Team Rankstar

  • Entire Cards Collection (Snapshot: 09/10/19) – Single Link Download for Offline – Updated with Jaws of Oblivion

  • Last 4 sets by the numbers

  • New Spreadsheet for Cards and Gems Calculator (JoO Edition)

  • Melodies of Oblivion

  • Jaws of Oblivion Titles list – doesn't seem like there's any hidden titles this time

  • TESL Wallpaper – Jaws of Oblivion

  • TESL Wallpaper – Jaws of Oblivion (Main Menu)

  • Retro Gauntlet (Oct. 4-7): Top 100 Players

  • Collect an exclusive new card in the Oblivion Gauntlet, starting October 11!

  • The Next Monthly Cards

  • Event Reward – Alt Art Cards compilation (23 found and counting)

  • Weekday Card Discussion Thread – Conjurer's Spirit | October 7, 2019

  • Weekend Card Discussion Thread – Bitterfish Witch | October 11, 2019

  • What are my odds for rolling that one specific Keyword given the level of my Oblivion Gate and the existing keywords on my creature?

Weekly Community Engagement Activities

  • Tue: Weekly Card Design #6: Empower – Winner: MrBreaktime

  • Thu: Weekly Best In-Game Moment #6 – Winner: 3scher

  • Fri: Weekly It's Friday Memes Day #6 – Winner: ToastieNL

  • Sat: Weekly Deck Sharing #6: High Elf – Winner: Plays-0-Cost-Cards

  • We have disabled contest mode and therefore you will be able to see the Upvotes. As for the results, we have screenshot the winner at the time of selection. Upvotes/Downvotes to submissions no longer count now.

  • Winners, please check your Inbox for your 2 packs code. Congrats.

  • This Week Card Design Theme: Skyrim Civil War

  • This Week Deck Sharing Theme: Neutral Splash

  • Do prepare your content earlier and submit once the submission opens.


  • Article and Reference Chart on Buffing Power-Based Payoff Creatures (Odi, Worldly Wanderer, Faded Wraith, …)

  • Another Gauntlet, Another Batch of 5 Decks

Tournaments Related

  • Reddit TESL Tournament #1 – Round 2/4 – Deadline: Oct 14, 11pm EST

  • All the Warp Meta Decklists in one big hub. Hundreds of meta decks, each tournaments' lists with winners highlighted. Will be updated Weekly. Enjoy!

Streamers / YouTubers

  • Jele77 – Weekly Content Creator Profile with Jele77!

  • Jele77 – Streamerbattle: jele vs Nemi

  • ianbits – Jaws of Oblivion: Full Set Review

Last Week Roundup Post – 10/07/2019

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