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We’ll be going to Skyrim soon

TheElderScrolls15 - We'll be going to Skyrim soon

Right I'll try not to ramble on too much with this post.

But I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be going to other parts of Skyrim fairly soon and I wouldnt be surprised if it was the setting for next years story 'season' or chapter.

The reason I believe this is well, almost every chapter or dlc (not all but most) are referenced and sometimes. not so subtlety hinted at in previous dlcs. From Naryu name dropping Vvardenfell in the gold coast, to the mention of Summerset in Clockwork, to Tharn mentioning Pellitine at the end of Northern Elsweyr. to name just a few There are many, many more examples of dlcs being hinted at before their announcements, a lot of the time from random npc or side quests too.

And that is why I believe Skyrim will be our next destination. If you keep an ear out, Skyrim is mentioned again, and again and again throughout both Elsweyr zones and quests.

I'll probably miss some but here are the ones I can remeber off the top of my head:

  • half of the Wrathstone being located in Skyrim

  • The quest in the stitches where a bosmer mentions the ruins of Saarthal by name and talks bout falling into a giant caverns underneath Saarthal filled with Dwemer ruins (blackreach)

  • Lyris going back home to Skyrim to deal with something important

  • A quest in Pellitine where a nord woman talks about sand whales and Skyrim's infamous Snow whales, she mentions she got her ingredients from a cave that goes deep, deep into the earth in Skyrim

  • The quest involving Daini and her friends, tehy leave with the sailor Sormund to sail to Skyrim

  • Hakon One-Eye name dropped by a few npcs

  • Tharn commenting how Dragonhold's architecture reminds him of Skyrim's barrows

  • Cadwell talking about Solitude

  • Sai Sahan at the season's finale saying how he is going to go to SKyrim and find Lyris once things settle down

Ive probably missed a few, but as you can see…ZoS isnt subtle, and out of everywhere in Tamriel, Skyrim is the single place constantly brought up again and again in various quests.

Then you also take into account, we've had releases focused on each of the original companions so far (Tharn and Sai) except Lyris and she is in Skyrim and on top of that the last 2 chapters/major releases focused on one of the heroes of the original ESO cinematics. Summerset had the High elf, Elsweyr had the Breton hero, now we are only missing the Nord hero.

(Also someone broke out of the Windhelm map and saw there was early placeholder work done for Winterhold)

So…ya, those are my thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Think we are going somewhere else? Did I miss something? What do you think a Skyrim plot would entail and what holds will be included. Let me here your guys thoughts

Thanks for coming to my TED talk

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