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TheElderScrolls14 - Wendigo proposal/idea

This is based on the idea of usernamethatwas Combined with the comments of the post made 4 years ago with my own spin on it and how it is put in the war Way of getting it: the wendigo is a creation of namria and Is passed when namria “blesses” a corpse before it is eaten usually but not always a sibling or close relative. Origin: the wendigo is the most recent Daedric “invention” believed to come from the mid 4th era coming when a pack of werewolves who were highly devout to hircine attack a temple of namria. knowing that her followers were out matched the Daedric prince namria ordered a follower to eat their sibling.It was done and namria made the wendigo and it defended the temple but died in the battle then namria ordered the rest of the followers to eat the body Turing them and spread across Tamriel. Image: the wendigo is a tall,skinny, hairless,hunched,Snow White skined monster with pure black eyes,shark like teeth,fingers and nails formed together, ( think the witch from from 4 dead) and a face with a high similarity to the human from. Gameplay: The wendigo has 50% reduced damage from frost and 25% reduced damage for magic But 50% vulnerability of fire.The wendigos power can be increased 3 times each by eating humans in regular form each with a increasing amount. The way the wendigo attacks is similar to the werewolf with a pounce and claw attack the claw attack is what you think the pounce is also what you think with it being a powerful charged attack. The wendigo can also vomit a acidic yellow liquid ( for the sake of it being different from a werewolf) this can be a short range but more powerful vomit stream or a ranged blog that has a original impact damage and poison damage afterwards. The skill tree: the wendigos skill tree allows for buffs like health and damage but this is were the wendigo is weak there isn’t much to say about it ( ideas are welcomed) The cure: the only cure for being a wendigo is eating the heart of a wendigo which would result in namria not trusting you and not allowing you to regain the disease Feeding:The wendigo disease requires you eat humans in a higher demand than vampires and if you don’t eat you wendigo form starts to blend with your regular form first in pale skin then dark eyes then loss of hair should you not feed still next time you sleep when you wake you will turn into a wendigo and need to feed to revert but eating Dario Hearts will keep you from needing to eat for about a month. I think the addition of the wendigo would give for fun play styles interesting role play and put namria in the spot light a bit more ( i mean really if it wasn’t for the werewolves where do you think hircine would be) Again credit for the idea comes from a post made by TheUsernameThatWas I don’t know how to link posts


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