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What are some things you would really love added in The Elder Scrolls Online?

TheElderScrolls11 - What are some things you would really love added in The Elder Scrolls Online?

I play on XboxONE. I havent been playing incredibly long, less than a year. Some things I am so hopeful at some point are listed below in no particular order. I'm curious as to things that people would also like to see in game.

  1. More Khajiit customizations. I'm hoping with the Elseweyr coming out the give us some more stuff for Cat Folk. The things I'm really hoping for with Khajiit customizations is longer fur or at least give us the option to make fluffy tails.

  1. I personally believe it would be so neat to have a Bard skill line added. I think it would be so fun to have a dude pumping up and healing the team while shedding on their lute. I think it would be hilarious in trials.

  1. Bards for your home, like we got in Skyrim, would be wonderful. They were sooo close with the music box. I found it quite pleasant at first but now it kind of drives me nuts. I wish I could go home from my long day of questing and come home and ask them to play me a song and have a bit of dialogue and witty remarks from them.

  1. Hair dye would be fantastic. I wish we could pay X amount to change my hair whenever like we can with costumes at the outfit station and adding a few wild hair colors like teal or purple.

  1. I wish there was a way to easily see a very brief description of all your other characters while on different character. Sometimes when I'm on one character I need basic information of one character. If I've forgot what level a character is while playing another character I have to log out and go take a look at the main character log in and then log back into the game. Having something that gave you a brief, "Hey, this is the race, alliance, class, and level of your other characters" placed somewhere in your character menu would be so helpful.

  1. This might sound kind of lame but I frequent my home (Grand Psijic Villa). Even with it decorated it still seems waaaayy too large for just one Hero. There's multiple rooms and places to hang out. I think it would be a cute little feature to be able to log out while in your home on a character and if you log back in on another you could see the other Heroes hanging back and resting where you left them before they go back to questing and fighting. I think it would be adorable if they are just standing there doing their idle poses. It would make the home feel a little less wasted in my opinion. It would be an incredible bonus feature if we could view each characters stats and/or gear while they were just standing there. If this were possible I wouldn't even care about what I had listed for #5.

  1. I often wish there was a more convenient way to queue up for Battlegrounds or even dungeons. I wish I could just hit a playlist like many multiplayer games and just play through until I decided I'm done. It's not awful playing Battlegrounds, having to leave after the match, and then queue up again. I just think it would be more convenient to just keep playing with little to no pause in between matches.

  1. The last thing that I can think of right now that I would absolutely love is a Fellrunner mount! I love those little emu things that run about. I think they are so adorable!

*Edit: 9. I completely forget that I wish that instrument emotes synced up!


These are just a few things that I would enjoy and would make it even more fun and more immersive for me personally. I would love to read your opinions and see what you're still hoping for in ESO.

Also, I hope it doesn't seem like I'm shitting on the game. I'm not by any means. I love this game. ESO has helped me out quite a bit. I've really came out of my shell since playing. I didn't care for online gaming before. I use to play solo games. I actually avoided playing ESO for a very long time because I didn't enjoy multiplayer. I'm glad I did because I have met some incredible people and have made some close friends that I talk to on the daily.

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