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What constitutes great dps when dps doesn’t click for you?

TheElderScrolls8 - What constitutes great dps when dps doesn't click for you?

So I've been playing ESO for about 3 years, I've got several toons and I'm max CP. I started out on a stamblade and then made a Sorc and a Templar healer. Those are my 3 main toons I run. Regardless of how much time I've played, my DPS sucks. Rotations and best in slot gear sets aside, I'm not great. Things don't click for me the way it does for other people, regardless of how many times people have explained stuff to me.

Anyway, I did a few random dungeons during the event on my stamblade and got a few complaints that because I wasn't hitting above 16k DPS, I sucked. These complaints stopped when I ran with guild mates, but for the few random groups I ran with, they had issues with me.

Stamblade: 16k DPS

Sorc: 19-22k DPS

I'm not looking to pull 25-30k or more, I just have fun questing and stuff and I feel like if I start focusing all my energy on getting better dps, the game isn't fun for me anymore. I went through that once already on my Sorc and I'm not keen on more anxiety attacks. Even though I would eventually like to do vet trials. I'm better suited as a healer in those situations.

I guess my question is, what constitutes great DPS?


Thanks for all the feedback guys. I should probably have also mentioned that my game lags a ton, as my computer isn't up to snuff technically for ESO. I need to get a new system, which should improve the lag and fps. Might help with my rotations and stuff.

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