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What do you wish to see from ESO in 2021?

TheElderScrolls9 - What do you wish to see from ESO in 2021?

Hi, i'd just like to preface this before i write anything to get a conversation in motion, This isn't you regular hate post or performance post. I want to know genuinely from the people who play this game what they would like to see in the future. It can be QoL changes to game systems. If you do have anything negative to say I'm afraid this isn't the post for it.

While i love the artistic style, questing and voice acting. I think the overall Expansion system leave a lot to be fulfilled. For example the current Greymoor expansion i was really looking forward too, mainly due to the antiquities system. I stayed away from all spoilers since i was a little late in getting it. However the system got really boring after a few times doing it, even the attempted progressions systems seemed quite lackluster on the verge of tedious. However it's the way i get money in this game when i need so i have a love a hate relation with it. But it did allow us the to get a mount which isn't locked behind a loot crate or unique expansion gift. So that's a perfect place to start:

Earnable mounts:

I know this goes without saying but making things earnable with ES would be a huge change in momentum. I can only speak for my social circle but it does feel a bit disingenuous that we have to pay for the game, ESO+ to have lootboxes in the game. I would have 0 problem paying for the game then eso+ but to do that then also have cosmetics be non-earnable locked behind lootboxes with very drop rates seems kinda extortionate. I know this pointed is harped on by many people so i wanted to get it out of the way.

Casual content:

Do you sometimes get tired of slaying monsters and exploring? As do i. I would love to kick up my feet in a tavern and play some cards. For those who are unaware there is a ES card game on steam, with an all time peak of "8,781" which i think is a really low number. How cool would it be if they could bring over that team to give them balancing within ESO to manage the card-playing community. (I deeply understand there is alot more logistics and technical aspects that go in this but this is just an idea) You can face NPCs in taverns with the ES:LEGENDS system in eso, with each npc have varying difficulty. Players can also set up roadside shacks or wait in taverns so that other players can interact with set a gold bet of their choosing and try to beat them at the card game. It's amazing how diverse the community is, there's PVP players, PVE players and housing players. It would be so cool to add another sub group who become master cardsmen and instead of rely on combat, they rely on the strength of mind to make gold in Tamriel.


My second idea is Mount racing, hypothetically this would work is you go to the stablemaster, ask to go to a rally race, there you can race NPCs in a obstacle course with varying maps. However there will also be a leader board of real players completing it. And once a week there's a race held amongst the players have to race it out and get 1st place for their name on the leader-board, a fun unique buff (that doesn't impede combat in pve/pvp) and if they consecutively win they get a special mount. The amazing then about an MMO is standing out, it seems over saturated when everyone has the same mounts/armour so standing out with be an amazing prize.

Thirdly, i would like to see non-linear quests. Sometimes i get real dissapointed with the how expansions quests are laid out, for example Greymoor ending left alot to be undesired and personally i was left with a feeling of "..that was it?" I think Zos need to shake up the "dolmens, big bad guy, win last fight and bad guy runs off or died" formula and introduce mechanics where it feels actually beneficial and worth our time to explore the world and complete the stories. For example, Orsinmum was amazing, because the bad guy wasnt a world-ending experience and the twist and losses were so amazingly written, By far the most amazing quest.

My fourth and final idea is a pvp game mode with pre-exisiting lore characters, the way i have thought is this is, you construct a story element of us needing to go to plain of existence where all big lore characters such as past/future dragonborns/assassins/soilders (notable in the lore ofc) exists that have to 5v5 it out for a endgame objective. (Sorry for the lack of a better example but kinda like league i guess? without the moba camera angle)

Anyways that conclude my long post, and i can't wait to see what ideas you guys have too.

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