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What I hope the magic is like in ES6

TheElderScrolls15 - What I hope the magic is like in ES6

First off, most of my playtime is with skyrim and thus my idea is a very big evolution of that.

The easiest way to describe this system is through destruction magic. It's a dynamic combat system that allows you to use all flame spells in combat without switching the spell through a menu once.

(And let me be clear, I'm using skyrim spells as I have no idea what the spells in the next game will be and I'm only building off of what I know)

Let's begin with flames, if you start with flames it will be casted just how it is in skyrim. Hold down the attack button and cast.

The dynamicism appears once you learn the firebolt spell. Flames is a targeted concentration spell, Firebolt is a targeted charged spell. So I will describe spell casting styles. Charged means you will hold down the cast button and then release to fire. Just like skyrim, however in order to use both spells in combat you would press a key that switches between spell casting styles. (Think Witcher 1 combat styles)

Once you learn the fireball spell, which is just like firebolt but with an area of effect explosion. This changes the HUD to show change. Above the mana bar you see spell cast progression, cut in half. If you charge your firebolt past the line it becomes fireball, anytime its past the threshold and you release it will release area of effect damage upon impact, the amount of overcharge relating to the blast radius and power of the spell.

This sounds complex but for good reason, this forces a mage player (the most mental of the three base classes) to focus on the spells they are casting, the spells can also be show visually in the hand rather than focusing on the bar but they would both be visual guides.

Now let's imagine the entire exsisting fire spellbook in one fight with all the new systems in place plus some new ones.

You start fighting an enemy, you use fireball from a distance, so you're slower at firing, as the enemy moves closer you more rapidly release the attack button to shoot weaker but more rapid firebolt instead of fireball. As they get closer you want a fire cloak, (new system incoming) by pressing a key or holding down the switch key, you can turn the charged spell towards you, this converts the firebolt/ball into the cloak spell. You need to know the cloak spell to cast it successfully.


All of a sudden many enemies surround you, you thin them out with overcharged blasts of fireball, drink a mana potion and begin the master spell. Masterspells now have a sequence requiring focus. You begin with dual wielding the charge spell, charge both hands simultaneously into the fully overcharged state, but instead of releasing the fireball, you then press the self cast key like you did firelcoak. This adds more charging to the spell and when you finally release you give off that iconic explosion.

In order to cast the master level fire spell you had to understand all the previous techniques beforehand thus making one simple path much more in depth. Now, spell crafting is great yes, and Master mages can do it. So perhaps that's a system that can exist and you can even create various levels. You begin with the novice and work your way up. It's formulating an idea.

And to end this off some simple spells using this system. Flesh spells would simply get stronger the longer you hold the spell, if you know Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh, Ebonyflesh then you would charge the spell for 4 second to cast ebony flesh, 3 seconds for iron, 2 of stone, 1 for oak. Charge time would of course mean more mana.

The self targeting system would also interact with healing. Healing starts off self targeted so by pressing the key you would be using healing hands. Charging it gives you quick healing, or heal other, etc etc.

Invisibly, Targeted Invis to make a follower invisible. And using an updated favorites menu. Which is a whole other posts worth you could chain together spells and effect by pressing a favorite hot key multiple times. Click 1 4 times to get to the 4th spell saved to one. Hold it down to return to the first spell of that sequence.

I know it sounds complex, but if you think about it, no other game has done it this way, and it makes magic way more dynamic during gameplay instead of "click hold release, click hold release, mana mana, repeat"

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