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What I think each of the playable races smell like

TheElderScrolls8 - What I think each of the playable races smell like

Altmer: these bitches are wearing heavy, flowery perfumes 24/7

Bosmer: since they can only really make things out of animal products, they don't use perfumes or scented soaps. Most of them just smell like sweat and trees. If they aren't in valenwood or import plant-based scents from other provinces its probably better but I think in general they're still pretty musky

Dunmer: I don't have any actual basis of this, other than vague understanding of morrowinds geography from playing eso, but I feel like they have a limited water supply north of deshaan and tend to take dust baths. Basically they smell like dust, ash, and sulfur depending on the composition of their local volcano. In deshaan water baths are more common.

Orcs: a lot of them smell of sweat and forge-smoke. I can't really picture them wanting to use frivolous things like perfumes and scented soaps. They probably do bathe at least somewhat regularly tho.

Bretons: since they're based off British people they straight up stink. Like baths are a monthly affair if you can even afford it. Think how Londonders would smell in the 1300s and there you go.

Imperials: since they're based off the Romans baths are common, usually communal. I would say most don't have a very distinct smell, but perfumes and scented soaps are common enough and popular with the upper class.


Nords: now most people would assume the nords would be stinky also, but since they're based off vikings I think they would value cleanliness even in their cold climates. I think communal baths would also become common due to imperial influence, and the hot springs in Eastern skyrim are very popular. They probably don't use scented soaps however, so I think their scents are very mild. Smokey due to the fires in their open hearths, but not unpleasant.

Redguards: I think they smell like incense and spices, sun-kissed fabrics. They value cleanliness especially when entering a building, just like the middle eastern and North African ethnic groups they're modeled after. The smells can be a bit overwhelming to foreigners, but it's generally pleasant.

Khajit: depending on where they are. If they're in a place with more moisture, they smell like wet fur but with a bit of sweetness lingering. In elsweyr they smell like incense and sugar. Dusty if they're in the desert but not if they're in the jungles.

Argonians: as much as I love them they are stinky 😔 definitely just rinse off in any water and don't really use soap. In blackmarsh they smell indistinguishable from the swamps around them, which is also a survival instinct. I'm not sure if hist sap has a distinct smell but it probably lingers on all of them, depending on their vicinity and exposure.

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