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Hello to all fellow members of Tamriel,

WARNING! This is going to be a long one. So tl;dr – building your own kingdom that involve factions and politics with elements of Fallout 3 (FO3), and Fallout New Vegas.

I am a huge fan of Skyrim and fell in love with the open world. My favorite DLC is actually Hearthstone – starting a family, building your own home(s), owning pets, etc. It's like building your own microcosmic kingdom.

It would be great to do this on a much larger scale. I would love to see a DLC where the protagonist is able to buy either buy or claim a huge plot of land and have his or her followers, as well as any random encounters help build you a keep for your city. And to further expand on random encounters, the people you meet in Skyrim after you save them from bandits can find solace in your newfound city. And when I was playing FO3 I would the random people who were bound by the mutants and set them free. It would just be great to have them go somewhere, much like helping Cherry get to Rivet City in FO3.

And once you build your kingdom, people wanting to seek refuge or a safe haven would come to your kingdom. All races, from playable to unplayable. How awesome would it be to see a few Snow Elves seeking a place to stay, or even Giants to live off near your keep to help with mammoth cheese production. Heck, even Forsworn to live off near your keep for protection and offers scouting on the outskirts. This is wear factions and your standing would be great. Where decisions you make, from punishing of crimes to giving money to NPCs would gain you good or bad karma with a faction.


On top of building my homes in Skyrim, one of my favorite quests from FO3 was Big Town. I spent a good amount of time "pick-pocketing" the inhabitants and placing better gear and weapon into their inventory. This really helped their survivability and DPS against the mutants who were trying to invade them. I did spend quite some time saving and placing items in case I got caught….more time than I care to admit lol. But wouldn't it be great to have an option to go to your jarl or advisor and have them upgrade the guards armor and weaponry? Imagine them walking around with dragon armor, or even daedric armor and weapons!

These were just my thoughts. I just wanted to finally put it on "paper" and ask others opinions. I just like helping people in general and in such a big universe, it would be nice to build something and see it flourish with people from Tamriel and to add some diversity and excitement to the game =)

Please stay safe and cheers!

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