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What I would personally like to see in TES6 faction groups/guilds:

TheElderScrolls10 - What I would personally like to see in TES6 faction groups/guilds:

What I hope the TES6 Faction/guilds will be like:

  • Ranking systems: To be able to move up the ranks based on your actions rather than just quests, Example: You Join the Thieves guild and later you commit a murder, you would then lose ranking points/levels since the Thieves guild does not want to be associated with murders, thats what the Dark Brotherhood or other assassins groups/guilds are for, but if in an Assassin's guild, a murder in public could raise your points/levels.

  • Option to be the Guild/Faction leader: Not everyone wants to be thrusted into the leader position, we should have a choice to either lead or decline (If declined then you can have vote to appoint next leader).

  • Guild/Faction Limitations: All guilds should not be available for joining, some limitations should be place, what I was thinking for example, is make it so if you Join the Thieves guild, you then cannot join another type of thieves guild and any assassins guild like the Dark Brotherhood (Both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood's Deities (Nocturnal & Sithis) make use of shadow's and so it would be contradictory to be protected by both deities and also as said above, the thieves guild does not want to be associated with killings)

  • Guild wars: Make it so Guilds that are in the same business fight to be the top ranking, Examples are Dark Brotherhood vs. Morag Tong or The Fighter's Guild vs. The Companions or the Mages guild vs. a necromancy guild and so fourth.

  • Have smaller local guilds: Like Oblivion, have smaller local guilds available to join.

  • A guild maker: Similar to Hearthfire but with different aspects, allow players to create their own guild to compete against other guilds in guild wars, set up area's which can be purchased or acquired (The plot of land), then allow us to choose a guild hall design of our choosing, allow us to name it and set its type (Thieves, Assassins, Fighters, Mages or to create our own custom type that could go against all of them like a Mercenaries guild (You know the saying, jack of all trades, a master of none)), then allow us to recruit members (basically followers) and set up their ranks so eventually you could leave everything to your second in command, he will ask you questions, you choose and it gets done, or you go to him and tell him what you want and they get it, so if you want a certain weapon, they will acquire it, you have a quest you do not want to do, you can pass it on to the (Main story not part of this option, also would depend on your NPC's levels, if you do not want to do a dungeon quest that is for level 70 and above, your lower level guild members will not survive and you will have to start finding new members to fill the ranks again, so pretty much you send your guild members on missions or have them do tasks to level themselves up.

  • Class and title system: make it so if we are given a title, we can select it and the NPC's will respond to you with that title in mind or taunt you depending on your actions.

Want to see the Following types of guilds in TES6:

  • Fighter's

  • Thieves

  • Dark Brotherhood

  • Mages

  • Morag Tong: Since usually Only found in Morrowind, but with Morrowinds Volcano eruption, a small office could be found in a refugee city/town as a temporary office.

  • Mercenary Guild: Guild that just takes any job if the price is right but do not specialize in anything like most guilds (Meaning Jobs given are for High level players since Mercenaries are usually used as fodder or considered disposable, so jobs the other Legitimate guilds will not touch due to risks to their members or for if its questionable)

  • Necromancy guilds: Similar to Mages guild but is not a legitimate one due to illegal practices

  • Battle Mage Core: Soldiers that are between the regular soldiers and Mages of the army, usually elite

  • Imperial Solders: Same as usual

  • Imperial Mages: Just a groups of magic only soldiers that do not use physical weapons, only magical (Like Bound gear and their spells)

  • Actual Daedric groups with actual quarters and worship halls and make it so you can only serve one at a time but have the option to leave (At a price) for another Prince to worship and work for, only Exceptions are being allowed to Work for groups that go beyond Daedric means like Sithis, but if you joined the Thieves Guild, you then cannot join another Daedric group unless you leave.

  • Arena factions: anyone can join regardless of other groups since only thing this faction group does is fight in arenas for fame and glory.

There is much more that I want to say, but just now realized that this is already very long, Sorry.

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