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What is something in Skyrim that makes no sense?

TheElderScrolls15 - What is something in Skyrim that makes no sense?

The Dragonborn is the only character with improved weapons. There are grindstones in every town, and in most bandit camps. Why are all the weapons blunt?

Cicero always gets stuck in Broken Oar Grotto. I have never, ever been able to get him to follow me out.

Dragons are immortal, yet somehow, Paarthurnax has aged, badly.

"Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" Thanks, Lydia, but that is a Nordic bear you're talking to.

"Skyrim belongs to the Nords!", ah, Lydia, I'm an elf and I'm your boss.

Trolls wander through the swamps, but frost trolls won't let their feet touch the water.

Karliah think that crossing blades with Mercer Frey would be "a death sentence" yet her weapons are substantially better than his.

Mercer Frey takes a crappy Dwarven sword into battle and leaves Chillrend in a display case in a sewer.

Meeko's owner dies of Rockjoint, despite being within walking distance of two potion shops and several healing shrines.

Roggvir opens the main gate to let Ulfric Stormcloak escape, and subsequently dies for his crime. So why didn't Ulfric use the exit behind the marketplace? He was an imperial soldier before becoming Jarl of Windhelm. He would definitely know his way around Solitude. So why did Roggvir need to let him out?

How does Galmar know you've killed the ice wraith? You could have gone to the pub for all he knows, and then lied about killing the ice wraith.

How does Cicero survive for months, standing next to his broken wagon? If you complete neither Delayed Burial or With Friends Like These…, he just stands there, indefinitely.


The entire town of Riverwood will try to kill you if you kill a chicken.

"No one bests as Orc!", yet none of them are prepared to risk going into a bandit cave and recovering the Forgemaster's Fingers.

Vampirism is contagious, and Skyrim has a low population. Why are there so few vampires?

Why are there no vampires in Blackreach? It seems like a great spot for them. There is no sun, plenty of space and all the Falmer you can eat.

Why are there no little cats? Bandits make reference to them. Khajiit are compared to them, unflatteringly. So where are they?

Silda the Unseen remains poor after receiving tens of thousands of gold from pickpocket training.

Frost has really low health points, despite being a top athlete.

Faralda let Ancano into Winterhold college? She is one hell of a bouncer, and he is a monumental douche, as well as a highly suspect character. How did he get past her?

All the children are the same age.

Finally, Heimskr says, "They can barely tolerate our presence on Earth!", in his sermon. Nirn is clearly not Earth, as evidenced by its two moons.

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