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What is the “right” way to approach playing Morrowind for the first time?

TheElderScrolls10 - What is the "right" way to approach playing Morrowind for the first time?

After playing and replaying Skyrim on and off over the years, I thought I'd never quite recapture the magic of when eighth grade me originally played on PS3. It was absolutely amazing from start to finish on every character, and I never really cared about the long loading screens or lack of mods at my disposal. But, as my PS3 started to fall behind the curve on technology, I invested in the PC version because apparently the mods were to die for and you haven't truly experienced everything unless you've modded your game to Oblivion. The apex of the game experience is where you can get the most amount of good content and best graphics, right?

Well, I quickly learned that it wasn't for me. I really couldn't bring myself to mod the game beyond the technical fixes and quality of life patches because it killed the nostalgia factor. Beyond that, something felt completely different when I played on PC, and the magic was definitely gone. It took me quite a few years to realize that the problem was that I wasn't playing in the way that I was most comfortable, when in fact Skyrim has always been a comfort game to me. I didn't like playing with a mouse or propped up in a chair, and I didn't like playing where I worked, and I hated wearing my headphones for hours on end.


Fast forward to this pandemic where I've gotten a lot smarter, and now I'm plugging my PC into my TV, using a controller, and playing a lightly modded version from my couch like back when I was 14. Let me tell you MAGIC RESTORED.

So here's my question. How do I best grasp the magic of Morrowind??? I've had it in my library for some time, but I have yet to make myself play it because life and everything. What mods do I get? Should I play with a controller or a mouse? How do I set myself up for the best experience possible and get that magic that everyone talks about so much? What mentality should I be approaching the game with? Should I even attempt Morrowind if I require this level of comfort for Skyrim?

Just a heads up on my experience, I've beaten Divinity Original Sin 2 after a GRUELING 100 hours, so I understand that older games definitely have substantially less "handholding" than newer games. Also a big fan of classic and retail WoW, Dragon Age, the Witcher, and others. I originally joined the Elder Scrolls fandom with Oblivion, a classic I used to play at my neighbor's house, but found that I quickly preferred Skyrim after it's release because Oblivion seemed too "in the middle" between Skyrim's approachability and my conception of Morrowind as a classic hardcore RPG.

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