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What is you unattainable wish for Elder Scrolls VI?

TheElderScrolls10 - What is you unattainable wish for Elder Scrolls VI?

I've been a fan of TES for quite a while now. I started with Skyrim, and while I liked it when I first played it, I ended up despising it later on. When I played Morrowind and Daggerfall, the later of which I'm now full-on addicted to, they made me hate Skyrim even more, since they're absolutely full of features that never returned to the series. I didn't only dislike Skyrim for the game being mediocre, I now hated it for what it stands for in the games industry.

Elder Scrolls VI is likely going to have some news at E3, and honestly, I don't have my hopes up. I'm one of the few people who think Fallout 3 was where Bethesda started going massively downhill, and I don't feel they've made a good game for over a decade.

I highly doubt TES 6 will be anything more than Skyrim 2.0, but a small sliver of hope inside me makes me think that it might be good. Since it takes place in High Rock, an area in Tamriel with lots of mountains, it would be cool if they brought back Daggerfall's climb-anywhere feature, and not Skyrim's "See that mountain? You can climb it!" complete falsehood. But most of all, I just want it to be like the old games. While I never plan on playing Arena, and Daggerfall through Oblivion are great games. BUT, since Godd Howard wants to roll in big cash muneez for TES 6, it's obviously going to be simple AF. My wish would be a compromise; a game that's complex enough for old-school TES fans like me while still being simple enough for Skyrim fans to get invested in. An Idea I had would be to make a simple and complex mode, with the former having gameplay mechanics more like Fallout 3 and Skyrim, and the latter having more complex features a la Daggerfall. Stuff like the skill systems, dialogue trees, combat system, dungeon puzzles, and enemy variety all being different within varying degrees of difficulty options. While this gives a huge amount of flexibility, allowing you to customize the game entirely to your preference, it also has the added disadvantage of not allowing you to change the difficulty after you make a new character. But hey, Daggerfall didn't let you do that either.


I say this is unattainable because I KNOW this isn't going to happen. Skyrim is as big as it is because of its marketing and its "streamlining" which made the series from a CRPG into an action game with a massive open world with nothing in it. Skyrim and Fallout 3 are both Bethesda's best selling games of all time, and there's no way they'd put man-hours into making a complex game if marketability is on the line. There's no need for a game to ACTUALLY be deep, complex, and intriguing if they could just lie about the game and call it complex. But hey, a man can dream.

PS: Don't you DARE say "Oh well all of the problems TES 6 might have can be fixed with mods!" Mods are supposed to make good games better, NOT fix a game's fundamental flaws. Even if you mod Skyrim or Fallout 3 to be vastly different, Skyrim is still Skyrim. It still is an ocean that's ankle deep with a huge lack of variety to the gameplay and a complete disregard to you as a part of the world. The worst part is that Bethesda knows that the modders are going to "fix" their games' problems, so they don't bother putting effort into their games. Why would you spend money on paying employees to make a good game when you can get aspiring game developers and fans to do it for you for free?

TL;DR : I know TES6 is going to be dog shit, since Todd "The Bod" Howard wants to make Skyrim 2 or Fallout 3-2, but I wish it could be more. I would LOVE a compromise, like a difficulty slider that makes the game more simple or complex depending on your settings when you start the game. The bottom end could be like Skyrim, while the top end could be like Daggerfall. But it's never going to happen, and that makes me sad.

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