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What makes a good tank a good tank?

TheElderScrolls2 - What makes a good tank a good tank?

Im starting to plan builds for my 2nd tank (DK, first one is NB). I got some experience obviously with vet dungeons (no trials so far, hardly interested in tbh) but atm im really trying to narrow it down to some specific formula that makes a good tank and when i got those done, trying to bend the rules to do some fun off meta yet well performing builds…

Would you agree on?:

  1. 33k resistances to cap at 50% mitigation. – does vampire cloak add on so 54% mitigation? How common are resistance reducing effects in dungeons, coz i dont know any…

  2. Applying and maintaining minor maim of course on main target aka. Boss. How bad is not applying it? Would it be reasonable to use knightmare set to maintain minor maim while getting another ability slot free to use abilities that just are more valuable?

  3. Some crowd control to stop larger groups from roaming. Worst thing is a enemy group of ten, taunt 3, 7 of them go out of melee distance to kill the healer… but how important is that aka. Wouldnt it be possible to "bend" around here using for example inner fire ranged taunt and specific strategies like swarm mother monster set to cluster mobs?

  4. How important is blocking outside of the big heavy hits that come from bosses? Coz i usually dont block trash damage rather heal myself more often… wouldnt it be possible to also dodge roll those big hits instead consistenly?

  5. Self heal aka. Sustain is key isnt it… is there a specific rule to this? DKs usually use max health builds to make us of % (of missing) health scaled heal abilities while i was highly succesfull using refreshing path, siphoning attacks and sap essence with my NB for example… how good/bad would it to for example use burning embers and draw essence etc instead?

  6. Why are DK tanks the meta tanks anyway? Because they got more spell resistance propably overcapping it but not reaching physical cap? NB tanks can easily have 9% more health via shadow passive abilities and as said at least and have a way easier time maintaining major prot buffs

  7. How important or risky is building into some damage? My nightblade for example is specifically designed to be a pve tank and also a pvp magblade depending on the gear i wear… as tank i reach resistance cap, have even more mitigation with vampire cloak set (+ pariah) and vampirism (am dark elf for countering fire weakness), buffed i am at 40k HP but i also got 28k magicka and 3k spell damage so i can easily heal myself while still doing reasonable damage… in dungeons most groups use the 3 dps but no healer setup, so why not be a "hybrid" tank too?

  8. How important is major evasion 25% less aoe damage taken and similiar "secondary" tanking effects?


If i am not missing out something or am super wrong about some of these rules then i guess i will be very successfull with some fun builds i am trying to play with.. For example:

A) ever noticed how good tormentor set actually is? Is provides 8% heal taken and almost 4k extra resistances which is slightly more then using SnB… can use 2h crit rush instead of pierce armor loosing out on breach etc but gain huge mobility and the opportunity to use rally-heal instead (which is just great)

B) wouldnt be hide of morihaus a good set for tanking large groups coz knocking 3-5 enemies down consistenly is like mitigating 50% of their damage since they cant do any lying on the ground do they?

C) using mighty cudan set and knightmare set to clear ability bar from (as DK example:) choking talons and spiked armor – being able to use 2 more valuable abilities instead for self heal for example?

In other words… can pls somebody explain to me what is meta and why it is meta and why other things are not? Coz if reaching 33k resistance cap is meta then i got it easy using fun builds too etc…

You propably see where this is going… atm i am trying to theory craft a build for my bosmer DK using tormentor, knightmare and mighty chudan, capping resistances, but using 2handed sword, roll dodging consistently instead of blocking, building into some damage and make use of burning embers and molten whip, maybe even try equipping dual wield on the 2nd bar to use major evasion and self heal of those abilities… i know its horrible but as said since i dont care for trials, i think this should work even better then it propably sounds to you "sweaty nay-saying pro-tanks" 😉 ….

Say something nice pls… discuss pls, dont be rude just because im open minded for out of meta stuff….

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