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What most interesting race in your opinion?

TheElderScrolls5 - What most interesting race in your opinion?

I think like this:

Altmers – Are interesting, but I don't like their looks. Altmer are very rarely beautiful. Every time I want to play as an altmer and study their culture, I see their appearance and change race… In addition to mythology and a beautiful island, there is nothing exciting about them which was promised in previous parts games. But Summerset was not amazing as expected, but it was still unusual and interesting.

Argonians – Race of bioweapons, this is interesting. But main games, we only see them as lizard people. Sad. ESO added them even deeper history and mystery. Although she did not explain what Sithis is and why Hist treats him so.

Bosmers – They are funny and look nice. But again, in main games, we do not see all their peculiarities, that they are the most common race, kindest and most friendly, their unique humor, cultural cannibalism, and shapeshifters legacy. In the main games, I can't tell them apart from altmers. If altmers are perceived as residents of an important and serious city, then bosmers are perceived as residents of an easy and cheerful suburb. Probably In ECO added a different eye shape and ability to wear horns, to give them individuality. But in main games, average bosmer was no different from average altmer.

Bretons – Are described as being incredibly different and individualistic. But we do not see this in any game, including ESO. We do not even see their love for magic. I expected a lot ancient symbols, gothic, witches, druids, mysticism, creepiness, ancient ruins and altars. But in reality, nothing at all. Completely ordinary human race.

Dunmers – They have curious architecture, but dunmers themselves look like those emo-gothic teenagers. Funny thing, is that adult dunmers are most adequate and intelligent representatives in entire gaming universe.

Imperials – In Arena and Daggerfall, it was just of humans living in Cyrodiil. They became a separate race, but they did not cease to be common. Although they retained their "stolen" heritage, when they literally inherited everything from other peoples. In the description, it is much more beautiful that Imperials are several peoples of Cyrodiil.


Khajiits – In Arena looked like a mix of Spain and France, but they went on to become bizarre cat people, which spawned a wave of memes because of their peculiarity to talk about themselves in third person.. And in ESO, they also became most special snowflakes in whole of Nirn. Khajits are bosmers shapeshifters in past, khajiit souls are divided into many entities, khajiits become one of most dangerous daedra shapeshifters, khajiit keep secrets of Tamriel. And in general, they are most intelligent, cute, mysterious and beautiful. Phew. That their forms depend on moon phase, and their unique culture of natural exchange and spiritual traditions, obviously, for some reason, was not enough. Why it was impossible to expand the existing lore, and not add a bunch of uniqueness.

Nords – Are ordinary fantasy northerners with all characteristics of vikings. Skyrim vampires are coolest.

Orsimers – Completely ordinary pop orcs, strength and honor, all things. Their merit is that Morrowind was first computer RPG where the orcs became playful and kind. The first game to link their origins to the elves. And ESO is first game to introduce the Woods orcs. It's strange, that no one had ever thought of this before. That's all that is curious about them.

Redguards – They are a strange mix of old and new Egypt and… suddenly Japan with a pop image of monks. I don't like that they are described as most unique human race, with culture that is more aldmeri than human. But in games they are the most ordinary race. ESO gave them very beautiful architecture, but we hardly see egyptian mysticism, and redguard features such as unique swordsman styles. And as for me, Hammerfell locations are very boring. But I guess point is that I don't like heat and sand. In old game, The Redguard, they were shown very modern, with Spanish elements. And it was very interesting and unusual, compared to rest medieval world. Although, in that game, bretons and nords wore jeans with suspenders. Hah.

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