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What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?

TheElderScrolls6 - What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?

I've been perusing the latest skill lineup for the Necromancer class (I'm a PS4 player, so no PTS for moi), and I'm excited by the amount of utility it brings to bear. As a tanking enthusiast, I noticed a few morphs that might suit a Necrotank build, but haven't decided which ones would make the cut for a tank's already-crowded bars.

Thus, I wanted to poll the crowd, getting input from theorycrafters and PC players who have tested the Necro on PTS, to get a sense for which skills might be useful for a meta (or even a not-quite-meta) tank.


  • Beckoning+Armor - What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?Beckoning Armor (2700 Magicka): Wrap yourself in hardened bone, granting you
    Major Resolve and
    Major+Ward - What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?Major Ward
    , increasing your physical resistance and spell resistance by 5280 for 17 seconds. While active, enemies that strike you with ranged attacks will be pulled toward you once every 3 seconds. Creates a corpse when complete.
    • This one is a no-brainer, as it's a source of Major Ward/Resolve with added crowd control.
    • My question is: Is the pull effective enough that you don't have to run Silver Leash?



  • Deaden+Pain - What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?
    Deaden Pain (Free): Sap the lingering life from fresh corpses, granting you 2 Ultimate and healing for 325 every 1 second for 2 seconds per corpse consumed. While you have the heal effect, you gain
    major+protection - What Necromancer Skills Will You Use for Tanking?
    Major Protection, reducing the damage you take by 30%. This ability scales off your Max Health.
    • A free skill that provides healing, protection, and ultimate for War Horn is certainly interesting, but you'd either need to be killing adds or dropping corpses from Necro skills to make this effective during a boss fight.





  • Unnerving Boneyard (3510 Magicka): Desecrate the ground at the target location, dealing 9064 Frost damage over 10 seconds. Consumes a corpse on cast to deal 20% more damage. An ally standing in the graveyard can activate the Grave Robber synergy, dealing 4947 frost damage to enemies in the area and healing you for the damage done.
    • This one's a bit of an outlier, but if you're running a Magicka-heavy build to sustain all the skills above, the added damage might be worthwhile.
    • I'd mostly consider running this for the synergy, as an improved version of the Shadow Silk skill, enhancing group DPS while providing a strong heal (albeit one you can't time/control yourself).


Let me know what you think!

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