The Elder Scrolls

What the heck is wrong with the launcher?

TheElderScrolls12 - What the heck is wrong with the launcher?

SOLVED: My ISP sucks. Connect through a VPN and you should be fine.

I've been trying to get this darn thing working for days. The launcher fires up fine, loads all the elements such as the pictures, news, even gives me a "maintenance will be happening X day at X time" message. Then the download just freezes, the launcher freezes, and eventually it crashes without so much as an error message or a kiss goodbye.

I saw people were having issues with it a couple months ago, and figured maybe they were still having problems, but I don't see anything on the official site's "hot tech support topics".


I've tried adding exceptions to the firewall, tried going in and tinkering with the launcher.settings file and enabling P2P while disabling web downloads (that seemed to work except for the fact there are no peers to download from). I've tried putting my laptop inside a pentagram and trying to evoke the spirits of dead tech support experts– all to no avail. Is there just some magical solution thread that I haven't been able to find? I'd find it pretty tough to believe Zenimax wouldn't fix their launcher for several months after knowing there's a problem.

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