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What tricolor needs that Bethesda is unwilling to do

TheElderScrolls5 - What tricolor needs that Bethesda is unwilling to do

Houses and Temple need their own identity.

I've seen the suggestion thrown around for months that tricolor decks shouldn't have access to three different classes' best dual-attribute cards. And that makes perfect sense.

But a lot of people fail to provide a way to remedy the situation. Decks like Telvanni aren't functional without Queen, Negation, Scout's Report, Black Hand Messenger, Thorn Histmage, etc… similarly, you'd be hard pressed to play some version of Control Tribunal without even Negation or Edict.

Each class currently has like 4 dual-attribute cards. For example, Monk has Master of Thieves, Monk's Strike, Ahnassi, and Protector of the Mane. Meanwhile, Houses only have 3 each eg., Hlaalu only has Duke, Haunted Manor, and Balmora Puppeteer.

So let's reiterate:

Classes get 4 dual-attribute cards.

Houses get 12 dual-attribute cards AND 3 of their own unique tri-color cards.

Everyone knows this but I think its important to break it down like that. Out of requiring an additional 25 cards in your deck, half of those can be powerhouse dual attributes which are often highly power crept compared to single color cards.


Remove dual-attribute cards from tri-colors but give them more cards to compensate for it. Whereas a 50 card deck can have access to 4 of its own cards, percentage-wise it would make sense for a 75 card deck to have access to 6 of its own cards. You could even go further and give tri-color decks 2x the amount of cards unique to them as dual-color cards have.

So if they bumped up each House from 3 core identity cards to 6, that'd be 15 new cards. Or 25 if you gave each house a total of 8 cards unique to it. Perfect for a mini collection…

But the truth is they will never do this because as I read in the past, tri-color cards are too restrictive both in terms of player access (as if 2+ years of monthly epics aren't restrictive enough) and their limited scope of function in one deck.

At some point down the road, one can only think that classes will eventually become power crept out of existence and will merely exist as stepping stones for newer players who don't have all the cards to play a tri-color deck yet.

tl;dr: remove dual-attributes from tri-color. give each house/temple an additional 3-5 cards of their own to make up for it. but not feasible since it doesn't encourage monetization since house cards are too niche. wat do?

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