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What was your experience playing your first Elder Scrolls game?

TheElderScrolls2 - What was your experience playing your first Elder Scrolls game?

I'm curious to hear other people's stories regarding the first time they booted up an Elder Scrolls game. I remember my first time starting Oblivion and walking out of those Imperial Sewers so well. These games have had a huge impact on how I spent my early adolescent years. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers the time they played their first Elder Scrolls game.

The first time I played Oblivion was at the end of my spring break in 7th grade, almost 10 years ago. I had spent the weekend at my friend's house playing ODST, MW2, drinking soda, the usual. The morning I was leaving my friend started playing Oblivion. I had never heard of the game before, but my first exposure was the inside of an Oblivion gate. I watched him clear room after room of these dinosaur looking things and demons with a bow before he took the stone and spawned into the over world. That's where I became hooked. Seeing the green hills and trees inspired me. I watched him walk around the forest under the trees, it was beautiful reminding me of the hikes I take in real life. He was telling me all about it, showing me the weapons, the armor, the map and alchemy, I was enthralled. At this point my mom arrived and I asked her to take me to Gamestop to buy it as I had birthday money to spend. This was maybe around 11am or so. We got home and I ran upstairs and started the game on my 360 and for the next 19 hours I sat there playing. I remember vividly being so engrossed in the world. Doing the Arena, living in one of the inns, researching youtube videos to find out how to join the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieve's Guild. I was completely immersed. I also remember one of my cousins came over to hang out with me or something, but I remained in front of my TV all day playing this game. She ended up sleeping in my bed while I played late into the night, finally turning off around 5am. I filled that youthful idle summer with hours spent in Cyrodiil. Playing through the Shivering Isles and each and every one of the quests it took me the whole summer break. Then I heard Skyrim was announced and that's a story for another time.


Since I have become a huge Elder Scrolls and Bethesda fan playing all of their games even back to Arena. I just think it's strange that this day is so vividly locked away in my memory. For me it was an escape, a comfortable world that I often retreated to. Looking back, it was a form of therapy for me as a young teenager. I'd take these "virtual hikes" in the world, wandering around listening to the music, sorting my thoughts and emotions, sort of like meditation. It holds a lot of nostalgia, as do Skyrim and Morrowind and the rest of their games. It's crazy that it's almost 10 years since Skyrim was released and we have had but a drop to taste of ES6. I hope it comes soon and I hope it has the same effect on me now that I'm older.

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