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What would be the best way to start ESO? A few questions from a newbie.

TheElderScrolls8 - What would be the best way to start ESO? A few questions from a newbie.

Hey there.

Recently ESO caught my interest. I played quite a lot of MMOs in the past but at some point I stopped since they started to tire me. The ones I've played and enjoyed the most were World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2 (with a little bit of Black Desert Online aswell). Thing is, I've played too much ‫WoW at some point and I literally can't look at it anymore and I've seen and done most thing there are in GW2 and won’t touch it till the next expansion. And when it comes to BDO… well, I LOVE the combat and some of the ideas but I can’t shake the feeling that the game creators want to squeeze money from me. You can also feel the eastern style of the game and its grindy-ness. However it’s still an option and I’ll gladly come back to it one day. Just to slash some things once more..

Recently I was thinking it would be nice to play an MMO again. But something new, not something that I already played. And to be honest, there’s not much choice when it comes to well rated, knowns stuff. Especially western-style MMO. And so here I am. I was never that interested in ESO in the past. Heard some bad things about it (especially after release). I did however some digging lately and apparently it’s still being developed, well updated and fixed a lot of stuff people complained about in the past. So I’m interested. I always loved the TES single player series so it might be something for me maybe?

I do have a few question.

  • How would be the best way to start? I’ve google around and the game seems to have a lot of entry-level purchases which confuse me. The base Tamriel Edition, the Base+Morrowind edition. Elsweyr edition with Base+Morrowind+Summerset and the newest upcoming expansion… It’s so confusing. What would be the best way to start? Do I need everything from the start or can I buy just the base game and it will last me for a noticeable while till I’ll need more?
  • Is there a trial version? Like a 7 or 14-day one? I’d like to check the game out. See how it “feels”. It’s something that is very important to me. How the character moves, the feedback from the combat etc.
  • How would you compare ESO to the mentioned, other MMOs? Can it be compared? How does it differ and what it does the same, or maybe better?
  • How is the PvP? I’m more of a PvP-oriented player (though I love challenging PvE as well). Is there open world PvP in ESO or only queued/organized one?
  • Is the PvP faction-based? If I’ll make a Khajiit will I be able to play it with a, for example, Dark Elf friend?
  • How is the end-game PvE? Is it challenging or more of a “if you go you will succeed” kind of thing? I like PvE where you can fail.
  • How much needed is the ESO Plus subscription? Would it be better to just buy all the DLCs or is it better to just sub and forget about them and get them all this way? Is it fine to not sub at the start and then do it when I reach a certain point?
  • How casual is this game? I was a somewhat extreme player back in the day, nowadays I like to chill and play around, without feeling any pressure. I loved the single-player TES games and would like to feel something similar here. Where I walk around, check stuff out, do a quest or two.
  • How big of an emphasis is put on the story? Is it good? Is it comparable to the singe-player games? Can it be played as a more-or-less single player experience, focusing on the story?
  • I assume there iare player guilds in the game. What is the focus of being in a guild in this game? For example, in WoW it would be either PvE raiding or ranked PvP. In GW2 it could be WvWvW or weekly guilds quests and puzzles etc.
  • What is the end-game content in ESO?

I know it’s a lot of questions and I imagine you get some of them often. I thank you for all the answers in advance.


PS. I'm a PC player if that changes anything.

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