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What’s your favorite Deadric artifact and why?

TheElderScrolls3 - What's your favorite Deadric artifact and why?

On my current playthrough, I fell in love with Wabajack and I can't believe I haven't used this weapon at all in my previous run, what a fool I was!

One of the things that I dislike about vanilla Skyrim is Destruction magic. Not just because of how poorly it scales to higher levels, but the spells in general at all tiers are nearly identical and very boring, the only difference being the elemental projectile property. If you played other similar games like Dragon's Dogma, you will know what I mean.

So anyway I was exploring my options on how to make a new fun mage build, and that's when I thought, wait what if I actually used staves, and that's when I came across Wabajack.

Reasons why Wabajack is awesome:

  1. Against more powerful enemies like the Dragons it casts exclusively AOE elemental projectiles of Ice, Fire Lightning, but here is a fun fact. The damage of these projectiles ranges from 40-60, and this damage is not effected by literally anything, which means an Ice projectile from Wabajack will still do damage to enemies that are resistant to ice or any enemy really. This damage is also not effected by your difficulty settings either so if playing on Legendary, these elemental projectiles on average deal as much damage as Dual casting expert spells, usually more (Unless alchemy potions are used anyway, which I don't use).
  2. You only need 1 hand to Wield staves in this game and Wabajack is no exception, which means you can have spell casting AND still have another 1 handed weapon in the other hand.
    gandolf - What's your favorite Deadric artifact and why?
    Did anyone call for Gandalf? A power attack from a sword for a stagger into a blast from Wabajack, so satisfying.
  3. Against most enemies, the effect of the Wabajack is random, but from what I noticed like 90% of the time it's a positive effect, which ranges from temporarily turning enemies into harmless rabbits to, turning them into a cupcake or just straight up desintegrating them. The latter even worked for me several times on powerful enemies like Dragonpriests, leading to some hilarious and anti- climatic battles. Most importantly though, it's fun, because you literally don't know what to expect from Wabajack.

I'm literally typing this as I'm going through Dawnguard questline with Serana. I entered the room where you have to fight 3 Gargoyles at once. Even with my smithed up Dawnbreaker (Without exploits), it takes quite a couple of hits to take these guys out, and they can definitely pack a punch, especially since I'm doing no armor mage playthrough, only relying on Alteration perks for survivability.

So I use Wabajack and what do you know, one Gargoyle, instantly desintegrated, then I use it again on another one, and it instantly dies (Another of possible outcomes), last one takes a couple of elemental Blasts, and then instantly dies like the other 2.

EASILY my favorite weapon in the game. Honestly as a weapon alone not only Wabajack feels more effective than any of actual Destruction spells, but significantly more fun too. Seriously, if you like playing mages, and haven't tried this weapon yet just do it.

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