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When Do You Give Up on a Dungeon?

TheElderScrolls10 - When Do You Give Up on a Dungeon?

I was doing a random normal dungeon and got Moongrave Fane. This was only my second time doing this dungeon. I cannot recall much from the first time, although some things started coming back to me. There were a number of difficult boss fights. We had a number of deaths among us. I died twice to the boss that shoots boulders. We didn't wipe until the second last boss fight. There we wiped twice and the tank and healer quit. The other DD stayed, so I call for reinforcements. A few minutes later, another tank and healer joined us.

The first tank seemed to be familiar with the dungeon, as he was giving us instructions and advice in the chat. In the second last boss fight, he told us to take down the mage ASAP. We didn't seem to be able to do it fast enough before we wiped. The first tank and healer quit after the second wipe. On our third try with the new tank and healer, I noticed that the mage was casting, so I quickly interrupted her when she did that. Not absolutely sure if that was important, but I noticed in this third try, there wasn't this big vortex that appeared in the first two fights that contributed to our wipes. We managed to defeat this boss fight with the new tank and healer.

The final boss fight we didn't have too much trouble. I took some heavy hits a few times, but managed to get healed through them. I also had a shield which I put up on occasion. I thanked the group that helped us finish the last two bosses. In all, it took 53 minutes. The two that quit did so after 40 minutes. I was the lowest level character at 45. I had CP 300 as I have other characters at level 50. The other players were at level 50 with various CP levels in the hundreds at least.


One thing I enjoy is trying to figure out the dungeons if I'm new or inexperienced with them. I've played many dungeons where the group wiped and in all but one I've managed to finish them (a few with replacements). The most number of wipes I've experience and still managed to finish the dungeon was around a dozen. In most of the wipes, I felt that our subsequent attempts either brought us closer to defeating the boss or someone manages to figure something out that helps us improve on our next attempt.

For me, I think that as long as I feel the group is making progress after a wipe or has the potential to do better, I will make another attempt. If I die, I do try to analyse how I died and try to determine what I would try to do differently the next time. If I notice something that may be important, I tell others on the chat. If I cannot figure it out, I ask the group. Those dungeons where the group wipes, but still manages to eventually complete give me the most satisfaction. These dungeons challenge me to do more than just kill whomever is in front of me and stay out of the red circles. It could include selecting the right targets to prioritise or so certain specific things at different points of the boss fight. Figuring them out is also fun even though it can be frustrating at times.

The only dungeon I (and everyone else) quit was one where our group just hit a wall. We couldn't figure out how to get past a certain boss. We all kept wiping at the same point. I can't remember the dungeon, but I think we wiped maybe 5 times. Each time, it seemed we wiped the same way at the same point and no one could figure out what we needed to do. When there doesn't seem to be any progress we could make, that is when I feel it is time to call it a day.

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