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Where is Yagrum during ESO?

TheElderScrolls4 - Where is Yagrum during ESO?

Where is Yagrum during the events of ESO? I also posted this on the teslore sub.

• Dwarves disappear around 1E 700

• ESO is in 2E 582

• Dagoth Ur makes a reappearance around 2E 882.

• Morrowind takes place 3E 427

We know where Divayth is, and we know that there is not a Corprusarium and Dagoth Ur is still "dead": or inside Red Mountain, but no one has contracted his form of Corpus at this time. (Yes, there are the people in Craglorn, but there are other types of blights like there are strains of the flu) So it is safe to say that Yagrum has not contracted the disease yet, is still somewhere in the outer realms, or wandering through Tamriel.

Is Yagrum walking around Tamriel or still trapped in an Outer Realm? Let us take a look back at what Yagrum Bagran's text says from Morrowind to see if we can try to figure out where he may be at this moment.

"Hmm… I cannot say what happened. I was not there to observe. I was in an Outer Realm at the time, and when I came back, my people were gone. I left Red Mountain, wandering Tamriel for years, searching our deserted colonies, looking for a survivor or an explanation. Then, a long, long time ago, I returned to Red Mountain, still looking for answers. Instead, I found corprus disease, and I have been here ever since. I have theories, if you are interested."

He states that he contracts Corpus when he returned to Red Mountain which was "a long, long time ago" Let's say Dagoth had Corpus spreading around in 2E 882 and Yagrum contracts around this time as well This would mean he had Corpus for about 441 years during the events of Morrowind. 441 years could be considered a long, long time.

Yagrum contracts corprus around 2E 882, and between then and ESO in 2E 582 is 300 years. Yagrum says he wandered around Tamriel "for years". The fact that he thinks 441 years is "a long, long time" I doubt he would think that 300 years would just be considered "for years" 300 years is a long time as well.


I think it would be more apt to say that Yagrum was looking for Dwemer for about 100 to 150 years before he contracted Corpus. 100 years is not that long when considering any Mer life span. This would mean he came back from the Outer Realms around 2E 732-782. Well after the events of ESO.

Our last living Dwemer is most likely still wandering somewhere in the Outer Realms during the events in ESO. But which realm is he in? I have no idea. I hope the developers decide to bring in a quest where we travel to a Daedric Realm and stumble upon the last living Dwemer.

It is worth noting that in ESO during the quest Divine Inquiries Barlizar has this to say

Good help is as rare as the legendary Last Dwemer, but a clockwork is only as strong as its weakest cog.

This quote does imply that there is a rumor of a last living Dwemer, though he is not mentioned by name. It is plausible that a legend arose when someone stumbled upon him while he was looking for the other Dwemer in Tamriel, but I think the last living dwemer would not have gone unnoticed traversing around Tamriel for such long periods without drawing a lot of attention. Legend could have arose from someone stumbling across Yagrum in an outer realm as well and brought word back when they returned to Tamriel. Falion is a great example in his quote in Skyrim about having seen a Dwemer

"I know many things. I have studied things beyond the reach of most humans, traveled the Oblivion planes, seen things one should not see. I have met Daedra and Dwemer and everything in between and I know enough to see a vampire where others would see a man."

He is clearly stating that he met a Dwemer while traveling in an Oblivion plane and not in Tamriel, or Mundus. He could also be implying that Dwemer and Daedra are also not visible to a normal man, but since Daedra and Dwemer are in the same sentence, I believe he is referring to an Oblivion Plane.

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