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Which protagonist is the strongest?

TheElderScrolls11 - Which protagonist is the strongest?

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r/whowouldwin is because I’m not just talking about a lore perspective. Round one, goes off of mechanics alone. Round two goes by powerscaling each protagonist’s feats. Round three is lore from a strictly in-game-canon only. Lastly, round four is from a perspective including out of game sources. I’ll cross post to the two subs I mentioned after posting here. I’ll give my perspectives on each scenario, but first, the rules. Each protag will be judged solely by their endgame stats, skills, and what they have accomplished by the end of their respective game. The Eternal Champion will be excluded because he does not win any category. He may come out somewhere in the middle in each category, but I don’t think he is the winner here. And honestly, who among us cares enough about Arena enough to be offended by his exclusion? For mechanics, veterans of the series may know where I’m going when I say TES 2’s hero, the Agent, comes out on top. In Daggerfall, the player had access to many different magic effects that were either changed or nerfed going into Morrowind. The most deadly of which was the effect, Disintegrate. It was a guaranteed kill on any enemy effected, and at max level, the player could get bows and swords with a near 100% kill chance and a spell with 100% kill chance. No other protagonist had this power, or any measure against it. So I’d argue that round one goes to The Agent. Round two: I give this one to the Last Dragonborn or the champion of Cyrodiil. Round 2 and 3 are interchangeable outcomes between these two. While the Nerevarine and the Champion of Cyrodiil fought and bested Daedric Princes, Hircine and Jygalagg respectively, Alduin is above both of them in terms of feats. The Princes created universal realms in the plane of Oblivion, but that pales in comparison to eating all of time and space, all realms in all planes, causing the universe to reset. Dragonborn may have fought Alduin, but that Alduin wasn’t able to fully manifest, so he could be defeated. The Champion of Cyrodiil defeated Jygalagg in his own realm, and became a Daedric Prince. These two rounds are a toss up. Lastly, out of game lore included. This one is the buggest stomp of all. If out of game sources and C0DA are included, then the winner is without a doubt, the Nerevarine. He not only fought the Living Gods and Hircine, but according to out of game lore, achieved Amaranth, the power to manipulate the Godhead’s dreams. It is the stage after CHIM, and grants the user borderline unlimited power. Final round, in my opinion goes to the Nerevarine.

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