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Although almost all of us played TES games with multiple characters, I know for sure that for everyone there is that singular guy, that specific character that in our hearts and eyes will always be the true hero of the story, the one who fulfills the prophecy. So, in your Elder Scrolls lore, which shape does the Heroes take? I'll start off with mine, personally starting with Daggerfall because I never succedeed in playing Arena decently. So, in the Tamrielic history I've shaped, the Agent sent to High Rock on a quest for the Emperor in 3E 405 was a Bosmer archer who not only succeeded in his mission, but created himself a status in that region by becoming Patriarch of the Temple of Kynareth in the daytime and, when shadows fell, unleashing his true nature as an Assassin of the Dark Brotherhood. My Nerevarine is, instead, the valorous Nord warlord Ragnarr. As strong in axe wielding as noble in heart and speech, he of course defeated Dagoth Ur and the crazy bitch Almalexia, and became Archmaster of House Redoran and Fighters Guild. Some say that, after a journey to Solstheim where he secretly served and then defied Lord Hircine, Ragnarr was sent on an expedition to Akavir and was never heard of him again, but that could be just an unfounded cyrodiilic rumour… And speaking of the Imperial Province, the Champion of Cyrodiil, and later Archmage of the Mages Guild, Listener of the Dark Brotherhood and Lady of Battlehorn Castle, is the Breton Morgeuse, one of the greatest witches in the history of Tamriel, whose deeds against the armies of Mehrunes Dagon and Mannimarco remained impressed in the eyes of the few lucky enough to witness them, thanks to her wise combination of shortswords, bows and powerful magics that made her almost invincible in battle and admired by the folk as a legend. And, last but not least, for me the last True Dragonborn will always be Thulealf, the legendary Altmer spellsword who hated Thalmor, his own kin, for their arrogance and disdain for non-High Elves, but still fighted in the Civil War by the side of Imperials, and brought them to victory. He always hoped in a restauration of the old Empire, in whose culture he was raised, with a Dragonborn Emperor, maybe himself, on the throne, but probably he never succeeded in this ambitious goal. Still, with the little faith he put in earthly matters and men, he dedicated his noblest deeds to more divine tasks, defeating valorously both Alduin and Miraak. Still, he lived his world's life, and not only became Archmage of the Mages Guild killing that stupid Thalmor and showing his great magical talent, but also embraced the dark powers of Vampirism becoming the Vampire Lord of Volkiihar Keep and finally marrying Serana, that son of a bitch's lovely daughter. Yeah, some said that it was impossible to marry her at that time, but nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little .esp file. Love knows no rules…. So, now it's your turn to make a bit of good old RPG storytelling. What are the stories of your mighty heroes? How is the world they have shaped? Have fun!


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