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Why Akatosh is LORKHAN (and not Auri-El)

TheElderScrolls6 - Why Akatosh is LORKHAN (and not Auri-El)

On the world of Tamriel, and on a big part of the ES fanbase, Akatosh is generally considered to be an alternate version of Auri-El, but from the imperial pantheon. I am here, first to proove that Akatosh isn't Auri-El, and that, if he were, that wouldn't make any sense. And also to show everyone all the evidence that points to the fact that Akatosh is, actually, Auri-El's archnemesis, Lorkhan.

Why Akatash isn't Auri-El Akatosh is generally considered to be an alternate version of Auri-El by a lot of the people of Tamriel. But, as we learned with Skyrim, beliefs like this one can be very wrong, afterall, Alduin was also considered by many as an alternate version of Akatosh of the old nordic pantheon, and on Skyrim we see that this is false. Some may try do argue that there is a book on Skyrim named The Alduin/Akatosh Dichotomy that states that Alduin isn't Akatosh, while Auri-El is; but the book's argument is far from a solid one, using the opinions of the people as a basis for it's theory. Here I would like to show that we have solid proof that Akatosh is not Auri-El too.

  • 1 ) First evidence we have is the location of Akatosh's plane. According to the Elder Scrolls
    cosmology of nirn - Why Akatosh is LORKHAN (and not Auri-El)

    cosmolgy Akatosh plane is on Mundus, together with planes of gods like Kynareth, Julianos and Stendarr. This clearly contradicts Auri-El's story, that, after the Aedra war, travelled to Aetherius with Trinimac, Phynaster and Shrabane, not staying on Mundus. Also, it doesn't make sense that Auri-El would create his plane at the side of the gods who were his enemies on the war (Kynareth, Julianos and Stendarr).
  • 2 ) The dragonborns are known to be sent to the wold by Akatosh. Still, they are constantly fighting the exact people who worships Auri-El and who are the descendants of those who followed him in the war, the mer. Talos is a big example, who fought the mer and brought the original followers of Lorkhan, the humans, to power. Would Auri-El sabotage and attack his own followers?

Why Akatash is Lorkhan The evidence of Akatosh not being Auri-El is clear, it wouldn't make any sense. So, of he isn't Auri-El, who is he? He is Lorkhan. And there is plenty of evidence that suggest it.

  • 1 ) The Dragon Symbolism: Akatosh is generally related to the dragons, being their father. Dragons are generally related to chaos (you can see Jordan Peterson's psychological explanation
    nqONu6wDYaE - Why Akatosh is LORKHAN (and not Auri-El)

    here). Auri-El is a figure related to order, not chaos, being the soul of Anui-El, the symbol of order, while Lorkhan is the one who symbolizes chaos, being the soul of Sithis, the manifestation of the forces of change.
  • 2 ) Aduin and Sovengarde: Sovengarde is the realm of Lorkhan (also known as Shor). During the Skyrim main questline Paarthurnax says to the Dragonborn that Alduin tried to take the place of their father Akatosh. And how does Alduin do that? By traveling to Sovengarde and eating it's souls. Isn't weird that Alduin tries to take Akatosh's place by conquering Lorkhan's plane and his followers who live there? And that Alduin, and the old nords, followers of Lorkhan, had such an easy passage specifically to the realm of Lorkhan? Their relation with Lorkhan is clear, and Alduin tries to take Akatosh's place by taking Lorkhan's place.

  • 3 ) The Dragonborns: It is commom for a dragonborn to be, also, a shezarrine, we have confirmed examples like Ysmir and Talos. Shezarrines are avatars or reincarnations of Lorkhan on a mortal body, while the dragonborns are sent to the world by Akatosh, a very interesting relation between the both (and also another proof that Akatosh isn't Auri-El). When Talos entered on the imperial pantheon he was symbolized being at the top or a snake, representing the fact that he took the place of the missing god, Shezarr/Lorkhan, for he was his reincarnation on a human body. This is clearly not coincidence, that the shezarrine and dragonborn nature seem to by very close.

The Theory

Now, my theory is the following:

  • 1 ) Lorkhan is Akatosh.

  • 2 ) Lorkhan's realm, Sovengarde, is actually Akatosh's realm that we see on the cosmolgy.

  • 3 ) Since Lorkhan lost his heart on the war and Nirn became his body, he needed to act on the world on different ways, for he could not use his full power on a physical way.

  • 4 ) Lorkhan then started to give humans the dragonborn's powers, sending them to help the mankind when it was needed.

  • 5 ) Sometimes, he, himself, needed to come to the world, coming as a shezarrine, that had also the dragonborn's powers.

  • 6 ) It is unknown if, as a shezarrine, he have his memories.

  • 7 ) Talos, who was Lorkhan, created the Empire of Tamriel.

  • 8 ) When Mehrunes Dagon attacked Tamriel Lorkhan used the Amuled of Kings, made from his own blood, and the body of a dragonborn, blessed by himself, in order to be able to return with his physical form long enough to successfully defeat Dagon.

  • 9 ) When Alduin returned and tried to take Lorkhan's place, he sent the Dragonborn to fight Alduin and stop him, since he couldn't take a physical form (it is also possible that the Dragonborn is a shezarrine, that he is actually Lorkhan on a human body trying to defend his realm from his own son, Alduin).

So here it is, why Akatosh is Lorkhan.

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