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TheElderScrolls6 - Why I left TESL

I don't usually post to reddit. I actually try to avoid it at all costs. But, I'll make a small exception to explain why I've quit the game. It's a relatively simple explanation, I'm not analyzing everything about the game and breaking it down piece by piece. To put it simply, Invade is everything opposite what TESL used to be to me. Sure, there were always meme cards that can high roll like Mundus Stone. But, to base an entire mechanic around something that is so random seems like it downgrades the competitiveness of the game in itself. It shows where the hearts of the devs lie; and that is with casual players who like strong "feel good" and "on the edge of your seat" plays and don't care much to rank up. I'm not the best player and I'm definitely not saying that the mechanic is without counters. I simply don't like what it represents for the future of the game. Ladder is all I have. I'm not the most creative player or the best player or even a tournament player. So, to make ladder unfun for me just makes it all unfun. Of course, I'm sure many people disagree and see a bright future for TESL. If that's the case, then by all means, support what you believe in! But, I cannot lend my support to this game any longer. It's become a chore to play. There's usually always some unbalanced card/deck/mechanic that needs nerfing alongside about 80% (number out my butt) filler cards every expansion. It's the same old story. I've grown tired of it personally.


I've spent about two years with this community streaming off and on and always supporting a few of my favorite streamers by being present in their chats. It does hurt to leave. I started playing this game and streaming at a really difficult time in my life and I was able to find a family online to get me through it when I felt so alone. The TESL community has been what has kept me around so long, even with sub par viewer counts. You are all amazing and a select few have really been there for me through thick and thin. I cannot ever repay you.

TESL has given me life as a streamer, given me kind and supportive friends, and also the love of my life. I am certainly grateful for everything that has come of me playing this game. The parting is bittersweet. I am eager to move forward with my life in other aspects, but there will always be a twinge on the inside thinking about how things are in the TESL community. I have a huge amount of affection for all of you and I wish I could express that more clearly. You are all amazing and I won't forget a single one of you. Thank you for every follow, sub, bit, and kind word. I'm tearing up as I write this. As I always offer, I am here for any of you if you ever need someone to listen and be a friend. I'll still be around on twitch in the TESL section snooping around and being silly in chat as always. I hope to run into a lot of you there! It just may be a little less. (Except for TurquoiseLink's streams… you all know that lol)

So, goodbye Elder Scrolls: Legends! It's been a hell of a two years!


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