The Elder Scrolls

Why I love to visit Summerset Isles

TheElderScrolls10 - Why I love to visit Summerset Isles

Gorgeous relaxing soundtrack,yet Epic to behold.

Superior Architecture.

The most civilized ,organized, intellectually advanced Society their constant thirst for perfection can but only leave random wanderer in awe and splendor

The Magnificent Coral ForestS&Spectacular nature in general whenever one wanders.

The Elegance of High elves,their style,armor.Vibrant Vivid Eye Candy Landscape as well as their people ,Sea,mountains,Greenery,those trees, Flora&Fauna By Auri-El!

The most peaceful region ,least oppressive looking environment,Very simple to navigate and explore compared to most other zones, at least for me.

Abyssal Geysers are acceptable, nor have dreaded sound, no Annoyance/Disruption of roaring Dragons,massive chains or Harrowstorms that take half of your screen ruining the setting.Story Chapter was one the most mind blowing creations and well written too – Part of the Deadric War Story-line.

Even their guards are civil and keep it professional.From Side quests so far from me they are very diverse and well executed combing investigations,plots,retrievals etc and they never fail to deliver a lot of humor involved.

Psijic order- Complexity , mystery and magical aura of stunning Artheum plus Grand Psijic Vila which is possibly one of the best houses out there

Altmer , Do I need to say more one absolutely admires them or cannot stand them <3


I am forever for the first <3Sunhold/Alinor are wondrousSea Sload creatures added more to mysticism and overall uniqueness,monster design was twisted yet has that abhorrent beauty.Everything felt right as it should be apart of Main Quest Deadric Plot and story arc in Summerst-Clockwork city tied with Vivec in Vvardenfell is my 2nd favorite ,followed by Season of the Dragon and Dark Heart of Skyrim, also to add why is so special is fact of being not related to your common Dragon,Vampire or Super famous Deadra.

Plenty of features we never saw were introduced for the first time. Captivating quests,delves,crafted to perfection as all High elves Ultimately strive for. Gorgeous two public dungeons,especially Sunhold which is mighty spectacular indeed, Oh yea and Gryphoons are adorable. P.S. I can could go for hours by pin-pointing to more extent but I shall not spoil furthermore.

Overall it feels super unique along with Clockwork City and Realms of Oblivion in some sort of "detached" outside of Tamriel mainly has to do how different Altmer society is.

Summerset a highly underrated chapter. By Staff of Magnus!

And that comes from a Nord {she is my main} though I have level 32 Altmer sorcerer too:)

By Vanya Gray-Mane

17 Sun's Dawn ,Eastmarch,Windhlem

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