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Why so much rage?

TheElderScrolls12 - Why so much rage?

So I went down in the sewers for a bit tonight and ended up grouping with a random. After a while of fighting reds and bosses we encountered a 3 man group of blues. We ended up beating them and shortly after I got a bunch of rage messages from one of the guys calling me names and saying I was bad and so on. I was curious what he was talking about considering they ran from 2 people when they had a number advantage and we were all 810. So I decided to accept his party invite to see what he had to say and all he did was rage and continue to insult me and then kick me after he finished without even giving me a chance to talk. Does anybody else encounter such rage? Every now and then I see people get upset for losing a duel but who feels the need to message over a loss? I don’t want to be mean back even though the messages were completely unnecessary and honestly were pretty mean. Thanks for listening to anyone that reads this, i just needed to vent a little, sorry if it sounds like I’m whining, just getting sick of rage messages when people lose and say I’m trash but I don’t even run anything that would be considered cheese so why can’t we just enjoy the game and accept that we can’t always win all the time?


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