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Why “The Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood” is the best idea (imo)

TheElderScrolls1 - Why "The Elder Scrolls VI: Valenwood" is the best idea (imo)

I'm sure you've all heard of people mention this before, but i mention this for a few reasons in specific other than just "it would be awesome" (also, i just wanna say i know that it is very unlikely due to many people already saying the trailer looked like Hammerfell/High Rock, i'm just coming up with ideas.)

-I took some time to make a simplistic(ish) TES: Valenwood Background-

First off, the last 2 games have taken place in areas mostly populated with Man and not Mer, this would be an opportunity to show off more of the Mer and also instead of seeing Imperials feel discomforted by Khajiit being thieves or whatever, we can see some Altmer make fun of the short unimportant lives of Nords and so on.

Second Reason is well… many people hold Morrowind in very high regard, not just for the whole "you can do whatever you want" kind of playstyle that it had, but also because you aren't told a whole lot going into the game, so you feel like you're in this strange place but you don't belong… in this game you can feel as tho you're in these strange forests but the look is enchanting.

Another Reason is the variety in landscapes and (they could) include some of, or all of Elsweyr in the game… even if they don't tho, which would make more sense, there is still many kinds of terrain and the colors are somewhat similar to Summerset and such so a variety of colors as well. Think about this for a second… when thinking of Oblivion you see green grasslands, when thinking of Skyrim you see Snowy mountaintops and not only does Valenwood have some of these but many other colors not seen much like red which really adds to the amazing look and scenery.


The 4th Reason is the many kinds of unique enemytypes. Of course, as with all elder scrolls games, you can have your bandit encampments and the like, but i've always loved the enemies like Hagravens, Dragons, Trolls, etc. and this area has a good amount of more normal, real life enemies like wasps or spiders and then many other weird ones such as Werebats and Hoarvors as well as some we may not have even heard of.

The 5th and final reason i will leave you with is this… when it comes to main story, in the opinion of many, it's usually good but somewhat lackng. A good idea to help spice things up, is to show the goodness within (or portray) the Thalmor in a better light as well as showing their side of the story and why they're doing what they are doing (good or not). This also helps in showing some of the damage that may have happened between Skyrim (4th era 201) and Valenwood (lets just say 251) because there could have been a war or attacks on Valenwood and more civil war quests.

If you read all of this, thanks a lot! If you disagree with me on anything, that's fine as well but to end it all, i wish to mention one final interesting prospect of this idea… Magic may be shown off and used in more interesting ways and we may see some kool ass dark magic!

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