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Why Windhelm Is The Worst City In Skyrim A List

TheElderScrolls8 - Why Windhelm Is The Worst City In Skyrim A List

I wrote this as a comment to a different post here but realized I put so much effort into it maybe I should post it.

I like the colour blue, so the Stormcloaks do have that going for them, but I gotta say Windhelm really makes their side unappealing because it has:

  1. A Murderer killing young women.
  2. An orphaned boy doing the black sacrament for days without anyone intervening or trying to help.
  3. A slum district full of Dunmer who think the Nords are racist (DUNMER thinking a different race is racist!)
  4. a DIFFERENT slum district on the docks for Argonians.
  5. The saddest Khajiit caravan spot ever (only one small tent in the middle of the snow).
  6. A man who pays his Argonian workers practically nothing.
  7. A dunmer farmer who thinks growing shit in the snow will pay off.
  8. A town drunkard who thinks waking people in the slums up at 3 am so he can tell them to go back where they came from is something worth bragging about rather than the most obnoxious thing someone could possibly do.
  9. A family that not only attracted a Murderer but also a Yandere theif who wants to kill their only remaining daughter.
  10. A mother who will commit suicide once that remaining daughter dies.
  11. A Altmer whose had his ears docked.
  12. An Altmer whose brother has his ears docked and will die to a murderer if we don't intervene. Who lives in a stable but hates horses.
  13. An Altmer rogue openly selling what are probably illegal wares with a guard across from this who doesn't seem to care.
  14. This same guard will also watch murder and do nothing.
  15. An Altmer group of thieves who straight up kill people unlike their human equivalent.
  16. A beggar lady who you can pay tremendous amounts of gold to, to learn pickpocketing but will always wear rags in the middle of winter.
  17. An old man who will die the second you help him achieve his lifelong dream.
  18. Guards who can't follow a trail of blood for some reason.
  19. The scammest museum to ever exist.
  20. A weirdly possessive Dunmer nanny
  21. An abandoned house with a hidden room full of nope.
  22. Another soon to be abandoned house with a more openly displayed room of nope.
  23. A depressingly hopelessly drug addicted Argonian.
  24. An orphan girl who sells flowers and sleeps out in the open in the snow.
  25. A thanedom that can't be achieved without winning the Civil War
  26. Your house here is the one with the murders.
  27. This city was built by slaves being worked to death.
  28. Ulfric doesn't even give you the time of day WTH man? We were prison buddies!
  29. There's another Argonian who will ghost you for no reason.
  30. The Inn keeper is a Bitch
  31. Galmar Stone-Fist
  32. Thecook in the inn also gets murdered.
  33. The Priest of Arkay almost certainly likes her job too much.
  34. The Jarl's advisor is a peasant.
  35. They let Miraak cultists use their dock but supposedly are going to be tough on border security.
  36. Seriously Windhelm is a dump and I'm almost definitely probably certain it's cursed.

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