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Why your idea to fix fake tanking won’t work

TheElderScrolls1 - Why your idea to fix fake tanking won't work

There have been numerous threads complaining about this problem, and a few recommending some "quick" fixes, so rather than reply to all of those, I thought it made sense to move that specific discussion to its own thread. Hopefully someone better at operations research than I can expand on this, but the basic concepts are twofold:

  1. Queueing theory
  2. Game theory

Let's say today, a tank joining a random normal queue is a Poisson distributed process with an interval of 100 seconds (Completely made up number), which creates an equilibrium state where a dps queue is about 15-20 minutes and a healer queue is about 5 minutes. That means, every 100 seconds a tank finds 3 players ready to go, and the group is composed. If dps and healers join the queue at a faster rate than every 100 seconds, the queue starts to build up.

So that's today's world. Including both fake and real tanks, you're sitting in queue as a solo dps maybe 15 to 20 minutes. Now, let's create disincentives for fake tanks. We lower rewards on normal dungeons, for example, or require a certain set of skills and health in order to be considered a tank. We split the queues into queues willing to have fake tanks, and a queue that doesn't. All the fake tanks stop queueing in the tank role in our old queue. Our arrival rate for tanks is now 150 seconds, or 200 seconds. That means that your solo dps wait time just went to an hour. There is no solution that creates disincentives for fake tanking that doesn't result in an increased queue time for everybody else.


Now the game theory side. I would suggest that the fake tanking problem would go away if people who choose to queue as fake tanks would do two things : 1. Slot a taunt and use it properly, and 2. Move at a pace that's good for the whole group, including newbies who want to do the quest. Unfortunately, seeing most of the responses in these threads, the prevailing attitude is "my time is important, if I can do an FG 1 in 5 minutes by running ahead and fake tanking, why would I take 20 minutes to lead a bunch of low dpsers?" The very selfishness that makes these people okay with cutting in front of all the other dps in the line suggests that they have neither the maturity nor the empathy to run it in a manner that doesn't negatively affect everyone else in the group. They get to satisfy their needs (a fast run and fast queue) in a consequence-free environment (what are YOU going to do about it?), so they win on all sides by doing things their way.

For a similar reason, a reporting/kicking system is just not going to work. We see complaints all the time about folks getting kicked on the last boss for no discernible reason, why would you think that people with no compassion wouldn't abuse that kind of system?

If there is an easy fix, it's for people to grow up and show some empathy for the other players in the game. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening, and it's really unfortunate that so many new players' first experience with dungeons is FG1 with a fake tank CP 1600.

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