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Winrate of Aggro Mirrors (by Ring)

TheElderScrolls14 - Winrate of Aggro Mirrors (by Ring)

I tracked yesterday's Team Rankstar Classic tournament VOD and decided to check whether there was a noticable impact of ring vs no-ring for aggro mirrors. Now would be as good a time as any to test that out due to there being so many of them. I watched all streamed games (because ring ownership is not available elsewhere) at what can be argued is the highest level of TESL available, and these are my findings:

When observing aggro vs. aggro matchups, the aggro deck with Ring won 9 times as opposed to losing 4. Furthermore, when including a Dwemer Sorcerer, a mid Battlemage and a mid Hlaalu matchup (which can be included depending on definition, and have been excluded for transparancy), this paradigm shifts to 12 wins over 4 losses. Aggro Mirror's were respectively 13 or 16 of the 27 total games broadcast. The main other deck lists were Doomcrag Warrior and Miracle Scout.

For the tracked data, please refer to this Pastebin link. (r) refers to the player with ring, w indicates a win, l indicates a loss, and ^ indicates a non-aggro deck and specifies the variety. Games are tracked by player ID's, so beware of spoilers.

This suggests the conclusion that the Ring may have a very significant impact on the outcome of aggressive mirrors (with double to triple the likelihood of winning), which would be very worrysome. This has been suggested in the past, but lack of data is always a problem when trying to find this correlation.

Disclaimer: Very low sample size.

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