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WIP Mag NB Build – Thoughts?

TheElderScrolls4 - WIP Mag NB Build - Thoughts?

So, I'm a returning player trying to decide what class/build to play. I played back during the betas and for about a year and half or so afterwards before my guild disbanded and I quit.

Anyways, like I said, I'm trying to decide what to play. I'm stuck between trying a DK Tank or this WIP Mag NB build I threw together:[email protected]%[email protected]+K&p=9162917291829192906290729082909201620172018201920197101310221032104210521213122212322132214221512162217121812022203220425113512351339262927292829292&a=640000&j=t&q=403&w=11&m=7


Take a look at the build and let me know if you guys think it'd be viable or if it's complete dogshit, or if there are any changes you'd make to it. The idea is in the name, "Sanguine Sorcerer". It's supposed to emulate a blood mage of sorts. So, it's got a lot of AoE, as well as some single target. It's very close to a build a I created and use to run in the OG days of the game before they revamped a lot of the trees and changed the way ulty build worked. The first bar is your dmg and ulty build bar, and the second bar is your upkeep, oh-shit, defensive and ulty spending bar. I made it with dps PvE in mind, but, theoretically, it could work in PvP if you were running with a zerg.

Now, as I said above, I am a returning player; meaning I do not know what gear is best for the type of build I created, i.e. set pieces, glyphs, gems, mundus, etc. So, again, please let me know your thoughts on this build and if it's good, or if I should just stick with trying to go the route of DK Tank.

If you guys have any questions about the skill choices I made, feel free to ask. Also, feel free to provide any good DK Tank builds, as it would be much appreciated!


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