The Elder Scrolls

Wish list for elder scrolls 6: wishful wishing.

TheElderScrolls7 - Wish list for elder scrolls 6: wishful wishing.

Like to see armor be torn and damaged in battles. Actually see the damage done and have to get it repaired.

Dismemberment, just cut a dude in half like geralt does drowners in witcher 3. Arms, legs, head and a whole list of finishing executions.

The ability to impale and throw your sword/axe at enemies and the damn thing sticks in em. This would cause them to bleed out and weaken them during the fight. Then use alteration to telekenisis it back to you for more action.

Expand upon the houses or give us 1 hold to build on and call our own. ( just my opinion but i would love 1 hold with the fallout settlement system. Freedom of placement and building was great).

Overall more rpg elements added BACK into the game. Also add in the survival function, eat and drink with power naps to restore your fatigue. Nothing super survival like kingdom come though, thats waayyy out there.

Would also like to have voiced protagonist, BUT, need multiple voices to choose from so not everybodies is the same.( dragon age inquisition had 2 for the male characters so its not that far fetched to believe with the new consoles we could have the options).

Please please no online social componets to es6. Eso is there if thats what you want. Good ol single player BGS elder scrolls game is what i want.

Wouldnt mind seeing gore and guts instead of smeared on jelly blood.


Overhaul the combat so its not as stiff. At the start your weak and dont do as much damage but as you progress you get stronger and more efficient with weapons, learning unique ways to fight with the diff weapons ( sweep the leg with a warhammer. Throw spears. Cut peoples throat with daggers while sneaking. Bows pin unarmored enemies to walls. Etc etc)

Give us destructable enviroments or somewhat destructable. Fire bolt would maybe burn alittle where it lands ( not wildfires but just give us the impression that destruction can be a problem if not handled properly, make you try to control it better or risk setting loot on fire. This would also be the same for ice, lightning etc etcl).

Would like new alternative ways to handle situations. Lockpick? How bout chop door down with battle axe!

New and improved animations along with (some) not alot or overwhelming cutscenes. Intimidate people and actually see him grab them by the neck or something. Grab items ( yes with hands not floaty in front of me) also able to use doors and ladders with the new animations not just a dark screen with a noise.

So much more i want but id be here all week.

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