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wishlist for TES 6?

TheElderScrolls1 - wishlist for TES 6?

I know that this question has been asked a lot, but i just want to see for myself what you guys think.

personally i would prefer if the game:

– had a story that had a little less to do with a prophetic hero or improved upon the system, like in skyrim they claim to be a power fantasy and that is there in the combat, but in role playing, all the characters dont treat you like the Dragonborn and dont react to it, it would be interesting if they were scared, or angry or happy at you being the dragonborn rather than it barely being addressed out of the main story, in some other ways like how you have to earn the title like in Morrowind, because no one believes you being the nerevarine and so on.

-a magic system that combine skyrims and oblivions to an extent, so novice-adept spells can be used from the knuckles like in oblivion, but more powerful spells require empty hands so builds can be fleshed out like battle mages and spell swords, maybe keep the 5 schools of magic but include some mysticism and thaumaturgy spells in the aleration tree and make a more in depth skill tree for example.

-a more fleshed our combat system, so the controls are tighter that oblivions, but blocking and timing takes a bigger role, i feel skyrim's combat mainly revolved around hack and slashing, but oblivion was too floaty in some areas but had a good block system, maybe even parrying for Two-handed users.

-bring back a form of acrobatics and athletics, i would like to see a comeback of this skill and similar skills so that cat burglars are more viable, or you can play as a far more nimble alik'r warrior with athletics.

– a more in depth persuasion skill, persuasion was a waste in skyrim, only a few persuasion checks, maybe if instead of going straight to jail for a crime, you could go to court in a region for your crime, where you could convince people depending on your pleas for a lightened sentence, or could plea not guilty and convince people or bribe them to not give you a sentence, and the speech skill comes into play in everyday conversations to persuade people to you being a helpful or good person, to make them trust you and so on.


-a more ambiguous start, so you start as a prisoner (as is tradition) but not in the way that skyrim did it, no crossing the border or anything and the start of the story nor being as desperate as it was, like the story has high points and low points to encourage breaks in the story and exploring the world, and creating your character far more for the endgame.

-far more varying guilds, as most of the old guilds from morrowind and oblivion are gone the only one that should be similar is the theives guild, for example, if the game is set in Hammerfell, there should be a very middle eastern-north african, mysterious kind of organisation that feeds into the setting, or a knights or alik'r mercanary guild for the warriors and a religious assasins cult (because the last sanctuary is in skyrim) maybe tou can join the imperial cult, or a local religious sect and do quests for them, and if in hammerfell, the crowns and forebears be a joinable faction.

-setting, i think that the hammerfell setting is very good for the game, as it is far more exotic than the european style fantasy of oblivion and skyrim, and with the factions that i talked about in the previous point, new faction that suit the setting, i think it should be just a couple of years after the events of skyrim, in 4e 202 or something, i think that this would be suitable as it introduces a hammerfell without thalmor or imperial influence while hearing about the brewing second great war from the imperial cult and who won the civil war, and maybe the story should follow about a lineage of sword-singers, you could be one, given the gift by the yokudan gods, or just someone who experiences the story and aids in it like in oblivion, becoming the hero of hammerfell, but from your own merit over the dragonborn thing, and the end should bring you to the far-shores or even a battle with the sload on thras after another atempted plague, to bring a breath of fresh air from the while godly story arcs of the other games.

this just about wraps it up, thanks for reading as this just is a subjective piece of fan fiction, so i would love to read what you guys have to say on the matter!

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