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With rotation being talked about more day by day, it’s time to address how sets are handled when they are rotated, as well as how the format should overall be handled

TheElderScrolls9 - With rotation being talked about more day by day, it's time to address how sets are handled when they are rotated, as well as how the format should overall be handled

With a decent portion of subreddit being at least somewhat aware of the system for card games in terms of rotation with the constant example of hearthstone being pulled up. It's time to look at some of the bigger flaws of rotation or at least what I believe some of the larger issues with rotation being

First let's look at the upsides of rotation, its beneficial to newer players as it makes it so they dont have to be prepared to see a card that could be three years old, and of which they would have little knowledge of.

Rotation also expands the design space somewhat for the developers (there is a bit of a downside to this but that can be discussed later), bit in terms of rotation it opens up the design space a little bit, and this might be opening a little bit of a can of worms but for example, tullius' conscription has limited the design space a little bit at least in terms of is this card too strong to be pulled from conscription, odirniran necromancer is also a little bit limiting due to some cards being much better if they can be pulled by necromancer. When cards such as these rotate out, it expands the design space a little.

The third upside of rotation is that it shifts the meta, for example, when the houses rotate out the meta is going to shift very rapidly at least when both of the sets with houses rotate out, another to look at is when cards like ancano, who has been a blue staple since his release rotates out, any deck involving blue, while on a surface level it might not change that much, on a deeper level blue is losing the ability to have stronger lightning bolt that comes with a body, there are other examples like even though with new sets coming in pretty often that have driven shout scout away. Giant bat simply becomes weaker without soul tear or other resurrect methods. Any form of resurrection deck loses a lot when falkreath defiler rotates out. In general rotation will end up taking some decks out of the standard meta.

Now it's time for the downsides, in order to look at the downsides it's time to bring up that common example again, hearthstone. Three of the largest flaws that hearthstone has in term of rotation are that, the devs don't give the format of wild much attention, wild isn't exactly accessible to people who want to get involved, and hearthstone has a bit of a problem with rotating cards of certain power levels to wild rather than finding a way to balance them.

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The first thing to address is that the devs for hearthstone don't really give wild that much attention. And this is where the flaws with opening the design space come back up. Yes, rotation opens the design space, for standard, but in terms of the format where the other cards are it seems as if the devs don't pay much mind to whether or not a card could create a broken combo in wild and when a card does break wild, even outside of the slow balancing pace it takes ages for a combo in wild to be addressed. In terms of TESL when cards are rotated out it still needs to be determined when new cards are released as to whether or not it would break the rotated format.

The second issue with rotation is that at least I terms of how it has been used in hearthstone is as a fast and simple solution, a card is providing problems and has been an auto include for ages but it cant be nerfed or else it would be unplayable throw it to wild, hearthstone has tossed a lot of varied cards that fit this criteria but in terms of this game one of the first few cards to go would probably be daggerfall mage, when placed under the criteria that hearthstone seems to use. The problem with this is that it is a really poor way to handle balance and links back to wild having combos that the devs overlook, and in terms of card game balance just rotating a card out because it is a problem is is only slightly better than the idea of changing tullius' conscription to a unique card or a spellsword class card, does it eliminate the problem that the card caused, kind of, but it's not the best angle to go from in terms of balance.

The third issue is that wild is not the most available to new players, in terms of hearthstone when a set rotates out any form of getting cards from that set outside of crafting them is gone and ever since rotation was first brought up on this subreddit, it has been a thought at the back of my head that the packs should still be available or anything relating to the sets should still be available in case of if a newer player wants to try out the format they don't have to throw tons of money in order to get the soul games to craft the cards. They can just get the packs and try out some of the cards. With keeping the packs available it also stops the rotated format from being held by whales and making it have a somewhat invisible pay barrier to get in.

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P.S. Well that was a bit of a text wall, sorry if it's not formatted the best I typed it up on mobile, but those are my beliefs in terms of rotation and the upsides and downsides along with how it should potentially be handled as a part of the game

Edit: I apologize if I got some of the details wrong in terms of how hearthstone dev team handles cards and rotation, and if there are any questions for clarification put it in the comment and I'll get to it when I have the chance

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