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Working on a Vampden build and would really appreciate some feedback

TheElderScrolls5 - Working on a Vampden build and would really appreciate some feedback

I know vampirism isn’t going to get best of the best dps results, but I’ve always had a fondness for getting creative with the less-than-optimal options. This is intended for PvE content, probably soloing, but has actually performed really well in groups so far (in spite of utilizing B4B and Pale Order). I actually have really excellent survivability considering my build, and have never had the party complain in my PUGs. Playing as a Breton to help with sustain, staying at vamp stage 1, and currently sitting at CP 300 (though I’m bad at knowing how to allocate CPs and have been following an online calculator at the moment).

Gear is 5-piece Mother’s Sorrow, 5-piece Julianos (front-bar active only w/ inferno staff), Spell Damage monster helm (because my crit chance is already in the upper 60s), Pale Order ring, and Maelstrom Inferno backbar.

Mundus: The Lover

Front Bar (Precise, Mag Drain glyph): Bird of Prey, Inner Light, Simmering Frenzy, B4B, Screaming Cliff Racer. Ult: Meteor

Backbar (Infused, Spell Damage glyph): Elemental Drain, Elemental Blockade, Mystic Orb, Winter’s Revenge, Channeled Acceleration. Ult: Swarming Scion.

Spell power potions, Max Health + Magicka food


My rotation involves setting up buff, debuff and aoe dots from the backbar, going to front, activating simmering frenzy, laying in with B4B as my primary spammable, refreshing aoe dots as they expire, and using SCR as the backup spammable to recoup health as needed thanks to the Animal Companions passive (usually leaning into SCR a bit more as simmering frenzy ticks longer). I’ll toggle simmering frenzy off/on once it gets to hurt a little too much (usually around 15 seconds in). I know two spammables is perhaps not ideal, but it feels like they really adequately allow me to balance my resources.

The main goal of this build is maintaining simmering frenzy, and I had previously built more into health sustain to do so (winter’s respite, green balance abilities), but now prefer to let screaming cliff racer and pale order do the heavy lifting for that health sustain, which seems to be working adequately so far.

On a recent 3M dummy test I was averaging 35k dps, which I’m guessing is nothing to write home about. Most of my gear is still purple and jewelry blue, so I certainly still have some upgrades to make, and I’m also guessing some trial gear may be better for me, but I haven’t been able to do any trials yet. I’m also trying to maintain a 5-1-1 armor balance for the Undaunted passive, but perhaps I should care less about that since it feels limiting for my armor choices at times. Would really love and feedback or suggestions to improve this!

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