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Would like to take a newbie under my wing

TheElderScrolls12 - Would like to take a newbie under my wing

Hey guys. You've seen the title, but let me explain why and what exactly I mean by that.

Some of you probably remember how intimidating and overwhelming ESO can be when you just starting out. There's so much things to do, so much places to go and so much questions you don't know the answer for. Or at least that's how it was for me when I got the game about 3 months ago. And while I still had a blast playing it, I wouldn't mind if that feeling of uncertainty about anything you do would go away.

But there was one thing which helped me to deal with it, to some extent at least, this awesome community. Complete strangers would patiently answer my questions, would help me deal with hard content, would craft some things for me and so on. I've never played MMO's before, but I'm not the first day on the internet, I had a pretty good idea about how insufferable communities of such games usually are, so ESO really surprised me.

Anyway, I continued to play and eventually finished my faction storyline, DLC's, gained a few hundreds of CP's in the process and got my character in more or less decent shape with functioning build and stuff, even went through vMA with it one day (Though I died so embarrassingly much, that it shouldn't be considered completed). It's also worth noting that I'm a PvE person, so at this point the only things I'm missing on my ESO checklist is two other factions storylines and zones.


Now back to the point of this post. You guys were so nice to me, that I really wanted to be nice back to you, but I couldn't, I was just a newbie. Not like I became hardcore ESO expert in this time, not at all, I have a pretty casual attitude towards the game, but in comparison to me 3 months ago I'm quite knowledgeable. So what I would like to do, is to combine me dealing with those other factions and helping someone who's just got the game and doesn't want to constantly wonder if they're missing out on something or doing something wrong. It's essentially a resume for a position of a gaming buddy with who you progress through the game, but who you also can ask questions about the game, expect to give you unintrusive tips from time to time and help you kick assess of some tough bastards Tamriel is full of.

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I have an Ebonheart Pact* on my radar now, so if you're new, share the same sentiment, platform (PC EU), and plan to play for the Pact – hit me up.

*You start there if you picked Nord, Dark Elf or Argonian as your race. Assuming you don't have "Adventurer Pack" which allows you to have any combination of race and faction.

**You also have to not have Morrowind or Summerset expansion to automatically start your game there, because for some reason developers decided that players should start in the most recent content even though it ruins story continuity. And you most likely do have at least Morrowind since most stores bundle it with base game as of late. But don't worry, I'll explain how to start main game properly in this case, it's simple.

That's about it I guess, happy holidays everyone!

P.S. Sorry for grammatical mistakes and weird wording both of which are most likely present in this post, I'm yet to learn English properly.

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