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Would you play an Early Access ES:6?

TheElderScrolls5 - Would you play an Early Access ES:6?

TLDR: Make game like skyrim, kenshi and witcher 3 mixed with a dash of red dead. MAMA MIA that's perfect! *chef kiss*

I am not the greatest writer, forgive me.

Baldur's Gate 3 is doing Early Access and there is enough content to get an enjoyable amount of playtime due to good base game design.

If they refined the core ES 6 mechanics and released that, players could begin modding and perhaps incorporate the most popular mods into the game as they develop. This tag team of modder / dev game development could unleash a rapid flow of product; maybe even sharing minor stocks if the game sells well.

imagine if ES:6 was developed for 12 years after the initial launch? as time goes they would upgrade the game to the point beyond what it would be if they had waited for a release.

maybe a single player mmo with eventual co-op and multiplayer capabilities.

Ever been to the ports of the south seas and been shiv'ed in the back for your septims by a dude named poonslayer69420? optional names above head disabled will help with the immersion, but you get the idea.

as time goes on the devs could add wonderful little details, like a sculptor patiently chipping away towards perfection.

a few examples of ways they can add to the game as time goes on.

World building:

Fell the trees in an area for lumber, till the land to grow crops, build a house, attract friends, family, and enemies.

As your homestead grows in power and presence, stronger enemies will begin to notice.

Have you ever had Ogrom crush the south wall of your beautiful idyllic village and pillage your booty? Better apply your mastery of the blade before you lose the cows and horses. Oh look, it ate a guy with a pretty ring, sweet!

A blooming economy:

Coin amount is drastically reduced, as a septim is a valuable representation of currency. 3 septims can buy you a loaf of bread, 10 can buy you a night of rest. 20 can buy you entertainment, and 42 the amount in a chest. No more 1 thousand septim horse. more like 100. A starter home might be 400, a mansion 4000.

Coin will fluctuate in availability, and worth; allowing for commerce to differ from week to week. This allows the player to buy low and sell high for a profit as goods are bought, sold, and consumed. imagine buying a shipment of coconuts that has just come into port. you hold them for a week in a cool cellar and then sell for a 30% increase as news of the quality of the coconuts reaches peak interest for the week.

Npc's mood and reputation with the player will affect pricing, as well as the mercantile skill.

certain npcs will hoard wealth and goods in order to control certain markets. you can break into their heavily fortified vaults, provided you have the means to.

NPCs are "alive":

The weighty jingle of a heavily burdened coin pouch is music to ones ears, having just sold that staff you stole from the poor magister in his *cough* impenetrable tower.

"HAH! I scaled the stone in 24 seconds flat! I'm quite the Acrobat." With a flourish, you slam a frothy mug of ale down, splashing a patron, causing his mood to sour, and his reputation of you to dwindle. As you struggle to dodge heavy swings from an orc berserker, something unexpected happens.

An npc with the Thief class has just cut your purse. With the beating you're dishing out drawing most of your attention, you notice you're missing the subtle jingle of your heavy purse. As the orc merc falls limp against the nearby wall, you sense a determined looking npc exit the tavern. a cloak masks it's features, but you know it's stride to be one of urgency.

You chase the npc down and accost him. Dialoge no longer stopping time, he will react to you in real time, with npcs chattering and walking about, answering questions, and even ending the conversation and fleeing if you spook him, or bore him.


Demanding that he turn his pockets out reveals that he has a loaf of bread, and a meagre pouch of 14 septims. He'd just spent nearly the last of his money to feed his family. a perception check reveals a mere glint of silver just beneath the shawl.

"Give me the necklace" you order. He becomes agitated and flee's through the bustling streets. You were sure they'd listen this time.

Chasing the man through the alleys you come to a corner. he does a kick flip right to your mug. Stunned, you cant stop his follow up flurry as his monk training finally pays off. this guy is trying to feed his family and you just tried to steal the last of their family heirloom.

As you leap backwards to evade what looks to be a deadly strike, you collide with a fruit vendor, sending delicious bananas and strange round fruits bounding across the docks. Seagulls eye the fruits as they roll into the sea, diving quick to gorge their meal, and prompting a very scary looking creature to rise from the depths for an attempt to bite.

Time slows as your heart throbs in pain, you should run, now. Using adaptive movement, you leap up and above the cart, landing softly upon the nearly rotted planks of the old pier. The monk senses your fear and injuries and chooses to spare you; but he will never forget your face.

You remember when you built this pier. It had been many moons in the making before you learned of commerce. the subtle jingling of coin being exchanged always excited you. Mercenaries that grew in strength along side you as you played for years became friends, even family. This tavern that the old couple built on the shore so long ago is a shock of nostalgia.

When you first created this character and learned the ropes of the system. you remember the choices you made that lead you here, the epic comebacks, and the close calls.

After fleeing to the dim tavern where a friend awaits, you throw back another ale.

"Monks are op"

The Khajiit thief giggles in delight upon the sun baked roof; ocean tones ringing deep within her ears, she begins to think about ways to spend the money she just lifted from you; considering a moment to take a break from the life. she was, after all, alive for many in game years, going largely unnoticed by the one she calls "player".

The npc code learns and adapts, shedding perhaps obsolete methods in order to perfect it's craft. The longer the npc is alive, the more experienced it will be; some npcs having higher base stats depending on their class, and increase those stats via actions.

npcs suffer from weather / sleep / hunger / thirst affects like everything else, being driven to seek out ways to appeas these needs.

Have you ever seen a beggar upon the street and refused to give him a coin, then seeing him dead in an ally a week later? Real tones of harsh reality mixed with hints of fantasy will help with immersion.

good thing you had that ultra rare amulet from the crypt you, admittedly, frightfully tip toed through. You raise his body, if only for a moment. He forgives you, remembering the many times you have given him bread and coin over the years. his frail age caught up with him, and no amount of gesture would have saved him.

with his blessing, you gain a permanent special ability. he will randomly appear and try to steal your kill, cackling with delight as you witness him in his prime; a truly incredible warrior that had quested in parallel to you all this time. You scarcely stopped to think just how long it's been since you started playing.

with ai mimicking human emotion and choices, maybe we can even see a truly living world.

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