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[XB1] – Questions for endgame players on consoles about bar setups/button assignments

TheElderScrolls10 - [XB1] - Questions for endgame players on consoles about bar setups/button assignments

Been playing since console release and only just recently questioned this for myself. When i started playing eso i didn't think much about where i assigned certain skills or skill types on my bars. Wasn't thinking about min-maxing or optimizing anything. So i had ended up just using the XYB buttons for my active skills and the bumpers for buffs. Its just what i always used in eso, no matter the character.

I tend to keep similar skills on my bar in similar locations. Like Surge and Molten Armaments on LB and Force Pulse, Elemental Weapon and Flame Lash on X, Elemental Blockade and Endless Hail on LB. Basically there are little setup schemes that i keep in mind when switching characters so that similar skills are on similar buttons to make things more simple.


But now i'm wondering if it would be better to swap things around. I see a good number of people using the bumpers for their spammables and other active skills and using the XYB buttons for other things like buffs or ground AoEs, things that are actually clicked less often. But i'm not sure if its just because thats where they personally like them or if there is some other, more esoteric, reason to use the bumpers for often-used skills. I'm basically wondering if it is worth trying this out and if it is worth the time it will take for me to get used to a different bar setup.


My bar setup has spammables and active skills assigned to XYB with Self-Buffs and Ground AoEs on the bumpers. This seems to be a less popular setup.

Is there any special/technical/optimal reason for using the LB and RB bumpers for spammables and other active/frequently used skills while putting buffs and other less often used skills on the XYB buttons?

Is it just a personal choice or is there some META reasoning behind this decision that i haven't thought of?

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