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[Xbox] Rules of ettiqute for pug trials on XB1

TheElderScrolls14 - [Xbox] Rules of ettiqute for pug trials on XB1
  1. There must always be a minimum of 5 people talking over each other in voice comms throughout the entire trial. Topics of conversation must not pertain to the trial.

  2. At the end of the trial, while still adhering to rule 1, if you need to request linked gear, you must do so in voice without stating your gamertag or the gamertag of the person listing it. Since there's only 5+ on mic at any given time, there's a 100% chance the person listing the gear will know it was their gear reffered to and who was requesting it.

  3. When vaping, you must ensure that you do so close enough to the mic so all group members hear prolonged burning and crackling sounds throughout the entire trial.

  4. If you're needing any gear, you must claim dibs on that piece immediately using voice comms at the start of the trial. That is your gear now. If they don't give it to you at the end, you have every right to moan and groan in voice comms about not getting the trade.

  5. If you think your stickerbook is incomplete, just state you'll take any extra pieces of that set in voice comms at the start of the trial. It's better to grab everything possible rather than allow a piece to slip by that another may actively want to use.

  6. If you're a DD and another person goes down, you must not be the person to res. Remember, you're solo carrying the trial with your DPS. If you stop to res, they'll likely wipe.

  7. If you're unsure of mechanics, fake it 'til you make it. If you die to any mechanics mistakes that may make it clear to others you don't know mechanics and are singled out, claim the reason is "it's been a while since you've done this one". Blaming lag is also an acceptable excuse.

  8. Your DPS parses should be your main topic of conversation in voice comms. Let the others know how easy it was for you to parse 150k.

  9. The trial lead in Sunspire will call for everyone to stack and focus the Fates first in trash pulls. But since the tank, in end-game content, hasn't learned how to stack ranged adds with the melee adds yet, the Fates will be 30m+ away from the group and other adds. Melee DPS should run off like headless chickens searching for them while ranged DPS stay stacked and ignores them.

  10. If you joined in for a multiple farming run and got everything you needed in the first run, promptly leave and move on to your next task. You'll never be a Murkmire Prepper if you keep wasting your time helping others.

  11. Since everything is best understood after hearing it more than once, do your part by having your TV audio turned up to max with your open headset mic. The resulting feedback echo of everyone speaking will save time of anyone needing to repeat themselves.

  12. If someone's looking for non-perfected piece of gear and you happen to have its perfected counterpart, you should link your perfected version to retain your alpha status in the group.

  13. If you have Beast personality, make sure to mount or holster your weapons in between pulls to reactivate the personality while standing in front of other group members. It's imperative that other group members don't forget how awesome you are.

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