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[Xbox][NA]Pricing Database – ESO Xbox Sales History

TheElderScrolls14 - [Xbox][NA]Pricing Database - ESO Xbox Sales History

Hey guys! Just wanted to share a tool that I've been working on for about 7 or 8 months now.

Disclaimer before I get started: Like all console pricing tools, Sales History is limited in its ability to be a fully accurate representation of the economy. It should not be taken as law and should not be your main source of pricing information. As always, I highly recommend manual price checking via Mournhold traders or getting thoughtful advice from experienced traders first.

Okay, that aside! Let's fetch some links:


Android App:

In-Browser App (for iOS users):

Facebook page:

Sales History is a massive database of manually collected sales from various traders in the Xbox NA community. The database is run by myself and a small staff (currently 5 other very active contributors). All values present on the master sheet are formula-driven based off of the database. These values work in a five-tier system: lowest recorded sale, lower average range (drops the lower 10% of sales), median sale price, upper average range (drops the upper 10% of sales), and highest recorded sale.


In order to keep data from getting bogged down by old sales records, data is dumped at the start of every month down to just 3 values (lower, median, and upper) recorded at average stack size. This keeps our ranges a little more flexible and able to adjust with market shifts (though it's an imperfect science).

Naturally the database tends to be more accurate with high volume sales items, such as crafting mats, and becomes less relevant when we branch out into sections that have less prevalent data for our records. For the sake of transparency, we do include total sales recorded with all master sheet entries. Currently the database has tracked 4250 unique items. We just had a reset, so we are currently at a little over 85,000 items tracked (usually in the 300,000 range by end of month).

Sales History also records all current trader locations and keeps an archive of past trading stall locations as well as a fun little dataset pertaining to our current trader statistics. App-side there is a pricing calculator for bulk checks that's currently in beta. We are also working on integrating historical trends.

I think that about covers it. Thanks all, cheers! <3

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