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Y’all ever feel like a terrible parent to your potato-faced kid(s)?

TheElderScrolls11 - Y'all ever feel like a terrible parent to your potato-faced kid(s)?

If someone doesn't know what sub they're looking at when they see this post then uh sorry for the title lmao.

Lemme preface this by saying I didn't come into skyrim expecting to get emotionally attached to those pudgy faced skyrim kids. I came here to kill dragons and prance around all loosey goosey hunting for gold and other interests to suit my curiosity, and occasionally head over to Solstheim, when I stop being too much of a pussy to complete my bigger quests over there.

But man, I found Sofie and Lucia out in the streets, just barely scraping there ways by, and I just had to get them. Bought Lakeview manor specifically for them (had been doing fine in ysolda's house up till then, thank God for the free DB cash) and must have robbed and killed up to a dozen people just to complete it and move them in. I left them there with Ysolda and the Thane who's name I can never remember, and would return every few days to spend time with them, give gifts, work around the house. I eventually bought farm animals, carriage dude, bard dude, whole household to keep them company and be a pseudo family.

Eventually, after I had taken over Whiterun and reinstated myself as Thane and bought Breezehome (thanks again DB), it suddenly came to me, how often I had been gone and how it would only increase as long as I stayed on the civil war and main questlines and started to join the Thieves Guild and The Blades. I had originally planned to just use Breezehome as a little sleeping hut with storage space, but I moved the kids and Ysolda in so they could walk around a city I had shown deep loyalty towards. After all, I adopted one of them from there and had met and lived with their mother there before. And I was a Thane, after all.


But yall, imagine if your dad was gone constantly and all of a sudden one day just says to up and move to the city that just got taken over, after one of you and your mom had left months ago. Your dad also mysteriously has bouts of cash for a brand-spanking-new house after spending other buckets of loose cash on the previous house. And your dad's been a Thane for some time and seemingly hasn't stopped being one after the overtake of said city. Plus, guards constantly mention Sithis when he walks by. Not to mention he's still constantly leaving for weeks on end. I'm glad Skyrim has docile and simplistic NPCs because this sounds like the part of a crime special where the family of a murder talks about weird behaviors their family member who turns out to be a murderer had.

On the other hand, Lucia loves the daggers I give her, and Sofie seems to love the money. And why wouldn't Ysolda love to be a wife of a thane in multiple holds? Whole family's as corrupt as any other.

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