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You know Fake Tanks and Healers.. now introducing: Fake DD!

TheElderScrolls6 - You know Fake Tanks and Healers.. now introducing: Fake DD!

TL;DR at the end

So yesterday I was queued up for a random normal on my tank, as usual for the daily bonus, and I got Scalecaller Peak. One DD and the Healer weren’t high CP, but the other DD was maxed out. I’m pretty confident on my tanking skills and I know the dungeon pretty well, so I thought “what could go wrong”.

Everything was fine, damage was pretty good thanks to the maxed out dd, but things went south on the first boss. I couldn’t keep aggro on the bosses for the love of it, and they scattered, killing the healer and the DDs causing us to wipe. I was still trying to understand what happened and the cocky maxed out DD started jabbing at me “how are you even a tank if you can’t hold aggro”.

Just when I was starting to question myself I looked over at the low CP DD and noticed he was holding S&B. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm interesting.

Anyway we tried again and this time I kept an eye out for the S&B DD. Sure enough the dude was spamming Puncture in his rotation. The boss obviously ignored me and went out to kill everyone else. Since the players were more aware this time they managed to survive and kill them thanks to the DPS the maxed out guy was pulling.

I always try to help out new players so I told the group that there were more players taunting the boss, and whispered to the specific guy doing it that he should not taunt the boss unless he was the tank. As he simply answered “k” I knew this wasn’t going to be easy.

On the way to the second boss he kept using Puncture on his rotation so I whispered to him again “hey, the skill Puncture you’re using is taunting the enemies” and explained how bosses became immune to taunting, how the tank needs to keep track of taunts and that’s why only the tank should be doing it. Dude basically told be to piss off since he was “a vet player who had migrated from console” and didn’t need someone to explain the game to him.


After that gem of an answer I called for a vote kick on him, which didn’t pass (maybe him and the healer were friends, they were very close in CP), so I straight up quit as there was no way we’d beat that dungeon with a S&B fake DD.

After I left he whispered to me about how he liked using the S&B and that I shouldn’t force the meta on others since this is a “play it your way game”.

So there you have it, now we have the wonderful Fake DD. Not the first time I had someone on my party that was unaware they were taunting the boss (usually by heavy ice staff attacks), but it’s the first time they completely ignored its effects and any attempt at a reasonable explanation.

So to whoever might learn for this, especially new players, you CAN do most content of this game playing it your way. If you want to deal damage and equip S&B because it fits your preferences, go for it. But be aware of basic group mechanics when playing with others and don’t be a prick when others try to teach you something. Or at the very least if you want to taunt that much queue as a tank, some say the queue is even faster lmao

TL;DR: guy queued as DD but kept taunting the boss during his rotation, causing the team to wipe. This totally is a “play it your way” game but when doing group content, please try to do the bare minimum your role required you to.

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